Home Business Magazines

Don’t you like reading those home business magazines?  The stories that show how people have started home businesses and finally started seeing some success.  A few of my favorite home business magazines to read include inc, entrepreneur, home business magazine, and home business connection.

Sure you might see the same type of home business stories but they give you an example of some people that are making it in home business.  One issue that I really like to read each year is the inc 500 issue.  You get to see some of the fastest rising companies.  Looking at these companies lets you know that it can be done.  Some of the companies are still really small, not too many employees but still generating some good money.

Taking the leap into starting your own business means taking on a new way of thinking.  Instead of sitting back and following orders it means charting your own course.  And that can be scary.  By seeing other people running their own businesses it means that it can be done and you can do it too.  In some editions of these business magazines they will have issues dedicated to young entrepreneurs.  So there is really no age limit on getting your business started.   You just have to make the decision and go for it.

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