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Anybody can get into the blogging game. If you really want to start a blog fast, the best way is to go over to blogger.com and get signed up for an account. A blogger blog is a good way to learn the ropes of blogging.

When you sign up, you are going to need a google account. It only takes a few minutes to get one and you can be well on your way to get getting your blog setup. Pick a blog name and blog address. When you sign up for a blogger blog, your web address will end with .blogspot dot com. So you need to come up with an easy name for your blog web address.

Blogger is hosting your blog account, so you are going to need to follow the rules. Mess up with the terms of service, and you will find your blog zapped off the web. So pay attention to the rules and don’t put a lot of ads on your site.

Once you have your blog setup, you can really start blogging. There are two ways to add content for your blog. You can create blog posts, or you can create blog pages. Blog posts are listed in order with the newest blog post at the top of the site. Blog pages are static pages of content that is available all the time. When you have a lot of blog posts, some of the older blog posts will fall off of the page. Your readers will need to scroll down or click for additional pages to get access to them.

When you setup a blog for the first time, the design will be really basic. You can always change the design of your site on the fly with blogger. Blog templates are a big benefit of using a blog for a website. You don’t have to be a good web designer to have a good looking site.

Are you happy with your blog design? If you are, you can turn your attention to creating blog posts. Come up with a headline / title and start writing. That is basically it. When you are finished with your post, you can either publish it immediately to the blog for everyone to see, or you could schedule it to post at a later date.

Setting up a blog is really that simple. Using blogger as your first blogging tool is commonplace online. After you get the hang of blogging, you are going to want more powerful blogging solutions. That is when the topic of getting your own web hosting will come into play. Blogger is a good starting ground but wordpress is a big step up in blogging software. Learn about how you can get a blog setup super fast by clicking here.

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