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Getting business credit or debit cards can help you keep track of your business receipts. It can be really frustrating to keep up with your paper business transactions. You might be filing your information away when you get receipts but when its time to review your information you find that the receipts are starting to fade. Using business cards can help you keep track of your transactions.

Business credit cards and business charge cards can help you extend payments. When you have a credit or charge account you can pay your bill to the original company and usually pay the credit card company a few days later. This can allow you to build up your business credit and give you access to your money for a longer period of time. Plus with a business credit card you can pay off your purchases over an extended time frame.

Business cards can be a little more convenient than paying with cash or sending business checks through the mail. A high credit limit for your business card is not a reason to use the entire amount. You might want to consider using a business card to pay some of the monthly recurring bills for the business such as website hosting, magazine subscriptions, utility bills, and more.

Some business card companies provide really good reporting systems. This information can be a big help in finding out what you are spending for business purposes. Graphical reports can let you know in a few seconds what is going on with your business spending.

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