Home Business Computer – Computer Running Loud

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The computer is running loud and the heat that is coming from it is starting to make you wonder. What is wrong with the computer? You don’t really like having to deal with the techie stuff, but something is not right.

It is time to open up the computer and take a look under the hood. The room is kind of dusty and you have to find out what the real issue is. Click here. Move this. Slide the panel off. What is causing the noise?

Once you peel back the sliding computer case door you see it. The desktop computer case is filled with dust. Where did all of this dust come from? The computer vents had to be cleaned. The computer hard drive and the motherboard might have been getting hotter than normal.

It was time to do an impression of the big bad wolf and start using those lungs to bring in some air to clean that computer case. You could get some of those cases of air in the spray bottle. Have you checked the prices on that stuff? It is plain shocking.

After cleaning the computer up a bit, it is time to put everything back into place. Turning on the computer, it boots up as normal. It does seem to be a quieter than normal. Before, the computer would be super loud.

Dust can be a problem for your computer system. Make sure to keep your computer clean and reduce the amount of dust that gets inside.

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