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The home business owner does a lot of tasks.  The home business owner has to perform the duties of the business and all of the administrative functions.  This means doing the paperwork, running around town and getting everything done.

Home business owners have to stay up to date with the changes in technology.  Technical training is something that cannot be ignored.  Getting the best software and learning how to use it is essential for the home business owner.

Is the home business owner better served by getting outside help with the business?   The internet brings more service providers and software solutions into play.  The home biz owner has to think about becoming more efficient and productive.

Should a home biz owner be deep into the details of marketing?  What about creating the home biz website?  There are lots of solution providers that can get the job done.  Home biz owners might have a hard time turning over projects to an outside service provider.

Can you handle a little loss of control?  Are you the type of person that wants to do it all?  There are only so many hours in the day and the home biz leader has to think about what is the best use of their time.

Marketing is an important part of business.  What if the home biz leader is not a great communicator or not a great writer?  They should really consider getting outside help.  The services are there and they don’t have to be really expensive.

Web development and blogging are just two topic areas that might give small biz owners a little bit of concern.  More clients and prospects are using these mediums to learn information.  A small biz leader that is not well versed in social media and technology should really take a look at adding service partners that can handle those new emerging technology areas.

Twitter, facebook, linkedin and pinterest are just a few of the many social media apps that small biz owners are starting to embrace.  There are still lots of small business leaders that have not taken the step forward into this new arena.  Business is changing and business leaders have to make sure that their business is competing in the new marketplace.

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