Good Reasons to Use Squidoo

You don’t have to pay for domain names

The days of cheap domain names are pretty much over.  There use to be a time when you could get dot info domains for .99 cents but that day is gone.  If you want an inexpensive place to put your content online, squidoo is going to be hard to beat.  Article directories are always an option, but with squidoo you can get a little bit of your favorite affiliate marketing in.  Amazon and ebay are available with squidoo modules that are easy to add to your pages.  It is really drag and drop simple.

Squidoo is social traffic

Squidoo is a community.  There are lots of squidoo users and they make a habit out of visiting your pages and commenting on them.  It is all encouraged on the squidoo site.  The more that people interact on squidoo pages, the higher their squidoo points and levels.  Higher levels give them access to more stuff within squidoo like different lens themes.

Social Buttons on Every Squidoo Lens for Easy Sharing

Do you like to share?  They make it easy over at squidoo.  The social buttons are located on every lens.  The top social sites are there.  So if you want to share your new squidoo pages with your friends on twitter, facebook or pinterest, just hit the buttons.

Participate in the Squidoo Community

Don’t just post info on the site.  Squidoo has lots of good information.  You could use the squidoo search to find great lenses on all kinds of topics.   One topic that I search for all the time is domain name discount codes.  Every year you know that you are going to buy domain names.  There are plenty of squidoo lens masters that create great lenses that cover the topic.  When you find a good squidoo page, let the rest of the squidoo community know.  Hit the like button and tell them that the page is good.

Comment on other Squidoo Pages

Get more points for adding your comments to squidoo pages.  Squidoo rewards you for making comments.  Don’t go overboard or try to spam with comments.  People work hard on their squidoo pages.  Let them know your view points and there is nothing wrong with letting them know that they have a great lens.

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