Golden Online Income – Youtube and List Building

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The gold rush was a time period where people were looking to cash in on finding gold in the west. Some people now say that we are in a new golden era. Instead of digging for gold nuggets in the ground, people are searching for golden treasures online.

The internet has changed the way that just about everything is done. Can you imagine not having access to the internet in these times. The web has created even more services that sit upon the basic backbone of delivering bits of information.

It didn’t take long for businesses to start to get into the online gold rush. Now there are free programs like youtube and other video sharing sites that allow people to post content online. This video information can get a global viewership. What happens when people start creating videos that get lots of views? They might not even have a plan in place to turn those views into dollars or cash.

What are some potential ways to turn videos into income for a business? One of the first options will probably be google ads. If the videos are on youtube, it could be a natural fit for using their ad program. Another option could be to include a call to action in your videos to get people to visit your own sites or blogs. The description area is also another area where people tend to provide links to more information.

Directing your web video visitors to the right location is important. Should you send them directly to an affiliate offer? Would that be short sighted for your business? A viewer could see the offer and decide not to take it and they could be gone forever. What about driving your video web traffic to a newsletter sign up form instead?

Email newsletters provide business owners with a way to open lines of communication with prospects. The added benefit of a newsletter is that you have an opportunity to build a long term relationship. If your newsletter is providing good information, there is no telling how long a subscriber will stay locked into your list.

An email newsletter can peform the function of an electronic magazine. Sending your video visitors to your email newsletter can open the door for sharing more information about all of your products and services. If some of your subscribers don’t like your initial offers or content, they might want something else that you offer in the future.

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What does it take to get started with online video and list building? You can learn the basics of using video step by step. There are a variety of ways to get videos produced. Learn some of the tips for video marketing that can give you a head start. Creating a list can be accomplished by signing up with email marketing software vendors. There are lots of email marketing providers to choose from.

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