Getting Web Traffic – Get Traffic to Your Site Like It’s a Rockstar!

Bloggers want web traffic.  What are you going to do to get it?  Writing content and keeping your blog updated is one chance to get new people coming online to your site.  You might have to start trying other options for web traffic.

Instead of focusing just on getting traffic, start thinking about running your blog as a real business. Businesses are focused more on results and less on just getting traffic.  Think about this situation.  What if you had a real store?  A place that had plenty of products that were sitting on the shelves.  You go to open the doors to the shop and there are plenty of people just waiting outside all lined up.  You might have seen something like this on tv when black friday comes around.  People are standing in line and waiting to get in.  You have something that they want.

The doors open and the people start rushing in through the doors.  They are filling up store at a quick pace.  You have everything in place.  Plenty of people ready to process their orders and everything.  Then you notice something really funny.   Not funny in a good way.  What if all those people that came into the store, slowly just walked out after a few minutes of looking around?  What if they just looked around and didn’t buy anything?  That is what a lot of online site owners experience everyday.  They work really hard coming up with content and getting people coming through the virtual doors.  Just like a regular person window shopping and then leaving, the website owner just gets a quick look and the person on the other side of the web clicks the back button and leaves the store.  The question becomes, should the website owner just be concerned about generating web traffic.  The traffic alone doesn’t do anything.  You are searching for a specific type of traffic.

What kind of traffic should you be looking for?  Converting traffic.  Even before you get to converting traffic, you might want to think about something else that is really important.  People are coming into your store looking for something specific.  They might be looking for an item that they already know that they want.  What if you don’t have that item or they have changed their mind after getting into your store.  Smart online marketers are not going to waste this chance to get a customer.  How can you get a prospect without getting them to buy anything from you?  The answer is to generate a lead.  Lead generation is the name of the game.  It is getting contact information.  It is getting an email address and a first name.  It is a chance to start building a real business without being concerned as much about traffic.  Your list is important.  Even if they don’t find what they want the first time through the online store, they might be open to other information and products that you offer inside your mailing list or newsletter.

It is important shift focus from just thinking about web traffic and instead start thinking like a real business that deals with lead generation and sales.  All businesses need new leads.  Your blog and online sites are not different.  Learn more about lead generation.  Don’t let your prospects slip through your fingers.

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