Getting Started with Online Video

Writing articles till your fingers hurt might not be your ideal way of getting people to your website. Article marketing is free and it can get you some views, but there are probably more people that want to sit down and watch a quick internet video than people that would like to sit and stare at the monitor to read a super long blog post.

Videos that you post online don’t have to be up for the film festival and you don’t have to have a large budget like some of the blockbuster movies that appear at the movie theater. Video is being created by the average Joe. Now you can become your video producer. IF it is good enough for reality tv then why not for your home business.

Making videos doesn’t have to be hard. You can get easy software and turn your article ideas into quick videos that your audience will want to eat up. There is nothing wrong with making quick short videos that consist just of text. Add some simple music and you are good to go. Your videos don’t have to be long like the infomercials that you see on late night tv. They can be quick informational jolts in the arm like a can of redbull.

How can you create videos with the quickness? You have a number of different options. You can do screen capture and record your slideshows from powerpoint. You could use software from animoto to upload your photos and text and turn them into jazzy info packed videos. Get your videos created and then you have options on where to place them.

Youtube is the place to load your videos. If you use animoto, they make it easy to get them installed on youtube. The process is simple, but you might want to learn some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to using youtube.

When it comes to article writing you know that search engine optimization and keywords are crucial. Here is another news flash. The same thing applies to video. People are using youtube just a like a search engine so now you need to know the right information to use in creating your titles and tags.

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