Generate More Web Traffic

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Generate More Web Traffic by Blogging More

When is the last time that you updated your blog? Blogging is free. You can plan your articles and update them on schedule. Take some of the guess work from your blogging by making a blog plan. You can publish when you want, but don’t you think it is better to keep adding new information on a regular schedule.

If you go to a blog and you don’t see that it is updated, what do you think? You might assume that the site owner has lost interest. You don’t want your readers to think this. Keep adding new blog content to your site on a regular schedule.

How can you keep new content flowing on your blog? Grab plr articles and use them to make sure that you have something new and relevant for your audience. Rewrite those plr articles for your readers and niche.

You will know that you have content ready with plr. You can then add more blog posts at your leisure. With each new blog post, you have a chance to get more traffic.

Generate More Web Traffic By Paying for It

Buy some web traffic for a change. Free traffic generation might not give you the numbers that you are looking for and it can take time to start seeing some results. Buy some cheap web traffic. The people that come to your site might stick.

Offer a free ebook for signing up for your newsletter. If you can get them to join your ezine or newsletter, you get another chance to win them over. Pay per click ads can generate traffic. Just make sure that you learn the rules and have a plan in place for the traffic that shows up.

Generate More Web Traffic with Videos

You can create videos fast with the right software. Your prospects might be using their smartphones to pull up your site. They might not want to read a long blog post. Give them a video version that cuts to the chase.

You can use photos or screen recording to have good looking videos that point back to your site. If you don’t want to be on camera, you don’t have to. Come up with some good headlines that your target audience cannot avoid. Consider showing your web address in the video and in the description area.

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