Free Traffic Tips – Free Traffic for Your Online Business

There are lots of people that are joining the ranks of online business owners. Maybe the other income options regular employment have just not panned out. Well if you are getting into the online business world, free traffic is going to be at the top of your list.

Getting Traffic Without Paying For It #1 – Blog Commenting

Are you visiting other blogs online? The answer is probably yes. Take a look at some of the sites that you visit and instead of just sitting back being a lurker, jump into the conversation. When you post comments, some sites have an area where you can enter your email address and website. When you post comments your information might show up if your comments approved. Share your take on the information provided in the blog post. Don’t spam people. It is a pain and your comment will get deleted real fast and in a hurry. Offer up your real take on blog posts that are interesting to you.

Getting Traffic Without Paying For It #2 – Article Marketing

Articles are going to be needed online. Find blog owners and offer up some guest blog posts. This can be a way to get your information in front of a new audience and if they like your stuff, they might click through to check out your site. Guest blogging helps you and the blog owner. They get good content to share with their audience and they can take a day off from writing. You get wider exposure.

Getting Traffic Without Paying For It #3 – Viral Marketing

Get your information to spread by offering free products online like an ebook. Share them as much as possible. Make sure to include links back to your blog or website. Upload your ebooks to sites that allow sharing. When people come across your information and they think its good, they might embed it in their sites and blogs which can help you get more traffic.

Getting Traffic Without Paying For It #4 – Video Marketing

Create videos with your articles and blog posts. Make how to videos or slideshows that can educate and entertain. Videos are a great free way to spread information. Mobile phones and tablet computers can download videos really easily with high speed internet connections. Make sure to include your website or blog information in your videos and in the description areas.

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