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Are you looking for some places online to share information. The web is filled with easy ways to get your information online. I guess you can consider this part of web 2.0. Just about anybody can start their own site in no time. Here are just a few places online that you can create sites and place your information.


Squidoo is a social network and it provides a place for people to make web pages. Signing up is simple and you have the opportunity to make money with squidoo. A webpage in squidoo is called a lens. There are all kinds of modules that you can add to your squidoo lens page. Squidoo has point system and as you get more points, you get access to more stuff available on the site. More points lead to higher levels and more modules.

Squidoo has changed recently just like most of the other places where you can post information online. You can create a lot of squidoo pages but if they don’t get any traffic, your squidoo lens could get de-ranked in the system and not get listed in squidoo. That is a bummer. You have to keep updating your lenses or they have to get some traffic.



Weebly is a free web hosting company. It is really easy to make a site with them. The sites look great and you create them with a drag and drop layout. Changing designs is simple too, so if you are not really great at design or if it scares you then you might want to use a weebly page as your site.

Weebly sites come with blog, so that takes care of that. Just type your blogs and hit publish. It is really that simple. Be careful when you are using free web hosting services if you plan to do any affiliate marketing. If you violate the terms of service, your site will get zapped.


Article directories are still being used by people online. They are the free way to market with articles. The google panda update has many people questioning if they should even attempt to use article directories anymore or just post content on their own sites.

Articlesbase is a good site. It is simple to use and the approval process is not too tough. It is not the largest article directory but it can come in handy if you are looking for an alternative to ezinearticles.


Looking for a quick way to get a blog online. Signing up with blogger can get the job done fast. They recently changed the blogger designs. They look really good and you don’t have to be a techie to get things done in blogger.

Just come up with a blog name and a description and you are off to the races. Blogs are a great place to share your writing and much more online. Blogger is also a good choice if you are also using google adsense.

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