Free PDFs for Affiliate Marketing

Free pdf files can be a way to deliver your affiliate offer links. You are going to create regular documents with your favorite writing program. Microsoft word, notepad or google docs can all work.

Create an informative and entertaining report that you plan on giving away. You could sit down and come up with something all on your own or you could use private label rights content. How long do you want to make the document? It is all up to you. You probably already have a lot of plr articles sitting on your hard drive. Start getting some use out of them.

After you get your document completed, you can start adding your affiliate links. There are different kinds of affiliate text links that you can add. Cost per action links might not be right for your document. The reason is because cpa offers can expire or get paused. You don’t want to waste a lead. Think about using affiliate links to programs that are going to be around for a while. Even those links could go bad, but you could always make sure that you have good affiliate links by using domain name redirects.

You could place affiliate links throughout your document and at the end in a special resources section. What kind of information could you include in this resources section? It all depends on what kind of niche you are marketing to. If you are creating documents related to internet marketing, this would be a good place to offer links to evergreen products that will always be needed. Items like domain name registration companies, web hosting companies and products that help with getting web traffic. You get the idea. It could also be a place to add clickbank links or links back to your own websites and blogs. This could be a way to use clickbank without having your own website or blog.

There are lots of ways that you can market your affiliate offers. Free pdfs offer readers a number of different benefits. First of all is the product is free. They are getting some content that is hopefully helpful. Another benefit is that the info product doesn’t have to go away unless they decide to delete it from their system. Articles in the article directory might have a hard time getting traction. A free pdf might get attention or shared quickly online.

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