Free Gift Cards – SuperPoints

If you are trying to get gift cards, then you should take a look at superpoints. It is another one of those websites that gives you points for things that you do online. Signing up is simple.

With SuperPoints, you can get points just for opening up your emails. You can also get points for completing offers or trying your luck with the super lucky button.

What is the super lucky button? You get a certain amount of button clicks that you can use each day. Click the button and find out if you have won more points. When you first sign up with the site, you get about 30 clicks a day.

Earn points by watching videos too. SuperPoints is just one of many websites that allow you to earn points for doing stuff online. Getting points through email is just about as easy as it gets. You don’t have to do anything to get those points. You might get 1 point or you might get 25, so you are always on the lookout for those superpoints emails.

You can get a referral link and give it out to your friends. The only thing that I think is kind of bogus is that you need to have 5 friends sign up in order to redeem at the 500 point level. It does take some time to get to 500 when you are not getting the big point totals. You might think that you are close to getting that first gift card only to find out that at your membership level you can’t redeem your points yet.

If you can get some other people to sign up, you are in the clear. Get started with superpoints and start earning points. Are you going to use the Super Lucky Button everyday? I know it is there, but after a few clicks, it gets kind of old.

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