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It had been a while since I used weebly free sites.  Weebly has a really good way of making sites.  They have a really simple user interface and you can select the items that you want to appear on your site.  What I really like about weebly now is the number of sites that you can get with a free account.  They use to limit your free account to only 2 sites, but now you can have 10 free sites.

There are plenty of free places to add your content these days.  Everybody has a blogger account, but those blogger free sites can get shutdown quickly if you break the rules.  So, don’t break the rules with blogger sites.  Think really hard about how you want to use blogger sites.  You have to know going in that they can be shut down fast.

It is much better to own your online properties, but you might want to get wordpress free sites to use just for fun. Instead of using them to really advertise hard, go with a softer approach.  Don’t load them up with affiliate links, they won’t work anyway.  WordPress is good at detecting affiliate links.  See if you can get people to sign up for your mailing list or get them to watch some of your youtube videos.

If you want to learn blogging, start with blogger, wordpress or weebly.  You can quickly get up to speed and then get your own web hosting and wordpress blog.  You want more control, but learning the basics with free tools is a great idea.

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