Ezinearticles Writing Articles

Writing content for your own online sites is really the way to go these days, but you still don’t have to give up on the article directories.  Ezinearticles is the big daddy of online directories where people can go get content.  If you don’t have a few articles there, you might want to get going and write a couple.

Article directory marketing is getting crowded, but it is still a free way to get your message in front of a big audience.  Writing a quick article for ezinearticles is not difficult.  One of the good types of posts is a list post.  Create a good list of items related to your topic.  Write a paragraph about each one and you have a nice unique article to post on ezinearticles.  Before you post it on the article directory, post it on your blog.

Come up with a good headline for your new ezinearticle posting.  Add the right keywords that you want to target and pick the correct category.  Hit the publish button and wait for the approval.

The approval process seems to be loosening up a bit.  Right after that google update, it was really tough to get articles approved. They upped the minimum number of words per article and they started getting picky about the sites listed in the call to action.

Writing articles is just one method for generating web traffic.  It doesn’t have to cost you money, but it does take time.  You can practice on your typing skills and share quality information with your target audience.

Take the extra step to come up with a good call to action at the end of your article.   Web developers and ezine owners need content.  They might come across your article and share it with their followers.  This might lead to added traffic coming to your sites.

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