Embracing Change

Typing on your keyboard to create articles for your online sites is a way to help pass the time.  You are leaving little bread crumbs that have the chance to pick up little bits of traffic that could turn into small water drops of income.

You don’t just have to write content, you could start using videos to promote and build traffic to your sites.  Youtube is a top search engine and people go there for all kinds of reasons.  Why not use it to promote your micro business or your website?

Making videos can be fun and they don’t have to take a long time to create.  With writing content, you have to come up with new things to say and that can be difficult.  With videos, you can be creative and rely on your verbal skills or your ideas that you can turn into moving pictures.

You have to face the fact that not everybody is going to want to read a long blog post or article.  There are lots of people that will watch a video.  You don’t have to be on camera in a video.  You can make slideshows.

Work is changing and you have to change with it.  Technology is advancing and the old ways of work are going away.  More people are getting into the business arena. What are you going to do to take advantage of the changes that are going on?

Watch this video that talks about software

Turn the World Into Your Office