Email Marketing – Build Lists and Use Affiliate, CPA and Pay Per Call Numbers

There is another way to get do your affiliate marketing. You don’t just have to slap ads on the front of your blog. You can do your marketing with email. This can allow your blog to look cleaner to the regular person that comes to your site. People still love their email accounts and they also love to get stuff for free. Enter email marketing messages.

If you are already feeling like you are up to your limit with writing content for your blog, you might be ready to call it quits with more writing.  You are going to need to hve content for ezine articles.  The term ezine is short for electronic magazine.  People might not want to pull out their credit card or fill out on of those paper inserts to sign up for a subscription to a snail mail magazine, but giving an email account is easy.  The cost for running a mailing list is really low when you think about it.  The question that lingers is how to come up with all the content for email marketing.  Email messages don’t have to be as long as articles.  They can be short and to the point.  You can find cheap content marketing with mailing lists.

People love free, free, free.  Just turn over the email address and send them a high powered pdf.  Free information for mailing list signups is a straight forward way of providing a direct link to potential customers.  They might not like every offer that you have, but when you have a good email address, you can keep sending information and great offers.  People expect to see offers in a magazine and you are just doing an online version.  Think about the niche and the best marketing messages through the mail.

Affiliates are searching for ways to drive traffic and creating a mailing list is a push button traffic source.   Keep growing your mailing list and you have a perfect place to add affiliate marketing with email.  Don’t forget to use those cpa accounts that you have.  Cost per action marketing allows you to earn money without having to make a sale.  What about adding those cpa offers inside your mailings?

Are you still wondering how to do ezine marketing?  Get the inside secrets by joining a few mailing lists in your niche.  Start opening up those emails that you get to see the how the whole system works.  What are the headlines?  How long are the articles?  Can you see how you could use cheap ezine content to build your business?  You might even be able to earn and get paid with telephone numbers through pay per call numbers

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