Email Marketing and List Building

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Grabbing emails.  What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about internet marketing?  It is probably going to be article marketing or setting up a blog.  People don’t think about email marketing.

Do you still have an email account?  Would you ever even think about signing up to get information about a specific area?  In the past, people that wanted information would sign up for a magazine or even pay for a newspaper subscription.  We are living in digital times and instead of waiting for snail mail from the postal service, companies can send information quickly with electronic mail.

The cost of email marketing is low.  When you go to your mailbox these days, how much information is coming from something that you wanted?  Probably not much.  Most of the items in your mailbox are going to be advertisements or your monthly bills.

Email accounts allow you to get information quickly without a high cost attached.  Email marketing is not all good.  Your email account might get some unwanted information in the form of unwanted ads.  That stuff ends up going into the online trash can just like in the real world.

Getting information in digital form is what the web is all about.  People can sign up for an electronic magazine and they can get the info they want delivered to their email account.  This is really powerful when it comes to online marketing.

Have you seen something one time and immediately had to have it?  That might work sometimes, but you will probably need to hear about something more than one time for it to finally sink in.  Just think about the new tv season.  Before the new shows are presented, they start buttering you up for the new shows with plenty of commercials.  They lay the ground work and get you all ready to watch it when it finally arrives.

You can think of email marketing just like those previews and commercials that give you a heads up on what is coming soon.  Building the solid foundation starts with building the list.  What would you think about a company that doesn’t keep track of their customer data?  If they are the leader in the space, it might not matter, but if they were just starting out, it might not be a great idea.  Information is powerful.  Getting information and building a relationship is important in business.

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