Easiest Coaching Program in the World


Easiest Coaching Program in the World
By Sean Mize

The easiest coaching program in the world is the group coaching program model, with teleseminar coaching and recorded automated lessons. No email access, no skype access. Just one live weekly q and a phone call, with recorded lessons sent out via autoresponder. You can’t get any easier than that.

And you teach your group clients – 100 of them, 1000 of them, 10,000 of them – the EXACT SAME THING you teach your 1-1 clients. The training is EXACTLY the same. But instead of coaching one person for one hour, you coach 10 people during that hour or 100 people during that hour or 1000 people during that hour.

It works for your clients too.

Let’s say you charge $500 an hour for 1-1 coaching.

Your client gets 1 hour of coaching. You get paid $500.

But if you teach the SAME THING but have 100 people on the SAME HOUR –

and you only charge $100 for that hour – your clients get an 80% discount on the coaching – and you make 20 times more – you make 100 times $100 = $10,000 instead of $500.

Your client pays 80% less, and you make 2000% more.

Now, you might ask, but what if someone has a question?

Simply open the call up at the end for questions. Only about 5% of your callers will have a question on a live teleseminar with open questions.

So with 100 clients, you open the call live, answer 5 questions.

With 1000 clients, you simply ask that they submit their questions before the call, and you have an assistant (you can afford an assistant if you have 1000 clients paying $100 a month) screen their questions and answer the ones you have never answered before.

The questions that you HAVE answered before, since you keep a recording of all your prior calls, you simply have your assistant send your client the recording of you answering THEIR question for another client in the past.

(Once you have 100 clients, all in the same niche with the same problems, you discover over time that almost 100% of the questions asked are almost always the same questions as someone else has asked in the past).

Does this sound simple?

It is.

You deliver the live teleseminar coaching call each week using a teleseminar services that records your call for you, you send an automated email out to your client list after the call with the recording.

If someone has a question for you, they just have to come to the live call. That’s fair, isn’t it? They are paying for a live coaching call with you, not for unlimited access to you for you to jump anytime they send you an email, right?

How would YOU like to have a coaching program that works like this:

You hold one weekly live teleseminar, you teach for 45 minutes to an hour, you answer any clients’ questions that they have, and then your coaching is done for the week.

You can spend the rest of the week learning more in your niche so that when you teach each week you are teaching the VERY BEST information in the world in your niche, so that you become the #1 preferred coach in your niche, and you are only coaching for 60-90 minutes each week, no more.

Your time becomes focused on long term development, not scurrying around trying to meet all your clients needs all day long.

And because you aren’t scurrying around, you end up being the very best coach in your niche, so others are referring to you and talking about you, so you don’t have to work hard to convince people to become your client.

And you have time to write articles and emails that ATTRACT people to work with you, instead of spending your time chasing clients.

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