Driving Social Media Traffic – Getting Started with Social Media

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What about social media traffic? Is it even worth it? There are lots of different traffic types and social media is one of them.  It all depends on what you are trying to do.  If you are trying to get traffic for your cost per action marketing efforts, social media traffic might or might not work for you.  Some cpa networks don’t allow social media traffic for certain offers.

When you think about social media traffic options, you might think about twitter and facebook.  These are large online sites where people like to hang out and talk about what is going on.  Would you visit a website because your friend told you about it?  Would you just click on a link in your friend’s profile.  Most people will.  The thing to remember about social media is the large numbers of people that are using the service.  The other item to consider is that people might not be looking to buy anything.  They just want to hang out with friends and talk about the latest news.  You might not even try for hard selling with social media.   Some online business owners might instead try to get social media prospects to sign up for newsletters and ezines.  This way they don’t have to worry about losing the prospect immediately. They can start an information campaign and build a relationship through email.  Those emails might contain affiliate program links in addition to high quality information.

Which social media sites should you focus on?  This is a big question. There are lots of social media sites.  New social media sites get launched all the time.  They get hot and become a household name and in the next instant, people start leaving them in droves.  Facebook and twitter seem to be holding on pretty good to their audiences.  LinkedIn is also a top social media site that is focused more around business contacts.  It is up to you to decide how many different social media sites that you will target.

Getting started with social media is not that hard to do at all.  Sign up for accounts and start getting involved online.  Many of these social media networks will help you find some of your friends and family online quickly.  Entering your basic information will help them identify people that you might know.  Posting status updates puts your information in front of the online social web.  People can read your updates and it might cause them to follow you and even check out your sites.  Make sure to include the web address that you want them to take a look at.

What kind of information can you post in your updates?  That is going to be for you to decide. You can talk about what you are eating for lunch.  You can talk about what is on your mind. Add a link to your updates when you have some important information to share.  Another option is creating a link to photos or images.

Are you ready to hunt for social media traffic for your home business?  Get setup with social media sites and give it a try today.

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