Drive Traffic with Domain Names

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What gets traffic coming to a website? You can write content and post on article directories. You can create videos and post them on youtube. One way to get traffic is to use domain names to direct traffic directly to your offers.

Find highly searched keywords and create domain names with the keywords included. This can get you traffic to affiliate offers. Will it turn directly into affiliate commissions? Maybe, maybe not. You will notice that traffic comes to the offer, if you choose the right domain names.

Domain names are cheap and you have a lot of choices when it comes to the domain name extensions. It is probably best to stick with the dot com domain names. Dot info domain names use to be a little cheaper, but now there is really not that much difference between dot com and dot info. Plus people probably look higher on a dot com than a dot info domain.

Setting up a domain name to point to an offer is really simple. Just get the affiliate link and forward the domain to it. The process only takes a few minutes and then you are done. Instead of having an ugly, long affiliate link, you can have a pretty dot com domain name. Sure, you could save a few dollars and use one of the url shortening services, but sometimes they work against you as an affiliate.

Have you ever clicked a shortened url to find one of those nasty messages saying not to trust the link. You are putting in work to get those affiliate clicks and you don’t want your visitors seeing something like that. Instead, Invest in getting a few domain names that can look more professional.

Keep a list of domain names that you would like to purchase handy. Sometimes domain name registration companies provide discounts. When those opportunities pop up, you can be ready to jump on them. You won’t be scrambling and pick a bad domain name.

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