Don’t take the competition lightly

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Business is a contact sport and there is a lot of competition. It is similar to sports. You have a set of rules that you have to follow, but you can be creative within the lines.

Competition is full time in business. Other business people are constantly trying to eat your lunch. They want your customers and clients. They are constantly coming up with new strategies to find your weaknesses and creating a plan to exploit those areas that you are ignoring.

Business is constantly changing. New players are entering the field and older companies are leaving. Why am I even talking about all this anyway? The 49ers were 2-0 this season and they were starting to get a little bit of media hype. People were starting to talk about super bowl and how strong the 49ers team was. Then they played the Minnesota Vikings and a young quarterback proceeded to teach them a lesson that they would not soon forget. The Vikings handed the 49ers their first loss of the year and a wake up call. You have to play the games and you cannot believe the hype. You have to keep playing the games and you have to take your opponents seriously.

Your small business might not be on the top of the list. They might be ignoring you today. The thing to remember is that you have to keep working and thinking about reaching your goals. Bigger companies might take you lightly but when you are prepared, you might be able to catch them off guard. Running a business might mean that you have to ignore the nay sayers.

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