Don’t just sit on information, put it to use

Do you take notes when you watch informative videos on youtube? It should be a part of your online learning experience. Taking notes can help you remember some of the good information that you get.

We get a lot of information and it can be really easy to lose what you pick up. Writing the information down gives you a chance to refresh your memory. It only takes a few minutes for you to lose good info.

Getting good information is of no use if you can’t remember it. Another point to remember is that you can watch videos all day, but if you don’t put what you learn into action, the info is worthless.

Taking action means pausing on the fears that you have and moving forward with the first task at hand. There are a lot of different steps that you need to take, but you have to take the first step and that begins with taking action.

You have to put your work out there for a chance to make a sale. Write that first blog post. Submit your first drawing and be ready to face the rejection that is a part of business.

Taking the information and putting it into practice is the only way that you can test for results. Think about the football teams that work hard all week long, learning new plays and going through drills. Would it make any sense for them not to play the game each week? There is lots of information and you have to be like that pro football team that is ready to put it all on the line in a real game situation. The real game is the time that you get to test your skills.

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