Does Your Website Stink like Week Old Garbage?

Do you really care?

The whole point of your website may just be delivering information and not being the best looking site online.

What are people looking for?

Do you have what they want?

Think about yourself for a minute.

When you are searching desperately for information are you paying that much attention to the wordpress theme?

Are you more concerned with getting your questions answered?

I don’t think I would care much if the site was a plain basic html site, it would just need to give me the solution that I am looking for.

What if you found a great new product on clickbank, but you wanted to find content to help promote it?

You might go to the search engines to find your solution.

There might be tons of fancy wordpress blogs that just don’t deliver on what you are looking for.

Then you happen to see this page and all your questions are answered.

There is no fluff, it just gets right down to it.

It all breaks down to giving the people what they want.

You can think about it like cars.

Sure, there are some really expensive luxury cars on the road.

But, there are plenty of people that want to get from point a to point b without spending too much.

Your website does not have to smell like garbage, but it doesn’t need to smell like Acqua Di Gio

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