Diving Into Blogging

Where do you get started when you want to start a blog? The first stop is probably going to be the free blogging routine.

Free Blogger Blogs

You can get a free blog at blogger. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can join the blogging world. Just make sure the blog name is available and you are ready to become a full fledged blogger.

Upsides of using blogger

Super Easy to Use

You can have an idea for a blog and in a few minutes, it can be live on the web. Sharing text, images and more is a breeze with this simple program.

Starter Blogger before moving up

Learn the rules of blogging with the simple program before moving up. WordPress is a popular blogging system, but it has more moving parts than a free blogger account.

Learn how to blog using a simple, but powerful system.

No web hosting costs

Running your own blog usually means some out of pocket costs. With blogger, you are only investing your time in creating the content for the site.

Change the blog design with a few clicks

One of the benefits of blogs is the easy way to change settings. You can modify the look of your blog site easily with the blogger template designer.

Get an instant mobile optimized site

Blogger has a feature to turn your blog into a mobile ready site. Just click an option and now your blog is readable by mobile devices like cellphones, smartphones and tablets.

Downsides of Blogger

Less control

You are using another companies property. This is just like being over a friends house. If you violate the house rules, your site can be gone.

Easily Shutdown

There are plenty of blogger users who have attempted to check their site to see that it has been deleted. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to blogging. Blogger is good for getting started, but at some point, you will want to upgrade to your own online house ( your own web hosting account ).

Less credibility than your own web hosting

Some visitors might not give your blogspot blog the same weight that they would give to a dot com blog on your own web hosting account. WordPress is probably the next step after you have learned how to blog.

Earning with Your Blog

Google Adsense

One benefit of having a free blogger account is adding google adsense. This advertising program can be added to your blog quickly.

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