Crush the Competition like a Blitzing NFL Cornerback

Have you ever seen an NFL Cornerback sneak up to the line of scrimmage before the quarterback snaps the ball? When you see this happening, you know that a blitz is coming and the quarterback might not have recognized it.

What does this have to do with business and crushing the competition? You have to plan in business. The game of business has rules. It has a normal way of progressing, but some companies go into the market with a plan of changing the status quo.

Is your business still doing things the way that they have always been done? There are going to be new companies entering the market that are hoping that you are not paying attention. They are trying new marketing methods and coming up with new products and services.

Business owners that don’t stay up to date with the latest trends can be caught with those deer in the headlights eyes like a sitting duck quarterback not noticing the NFL Cornerback sneaking up to the line. Some companies get blindsided.

In business, you have the chance to pick which side of the line you are playing on. You can be like the quarterback that is not paying attention or you can be like the cornerback that has a direct plan for advancing.

What can that NFL Cornerback teach the business owners that are the sitting ducks? The blitz is all about seeing an opportunity and taking advantage of it. There is risk to the NFL Cornerback. They might have a clear view of the play and not tackle the quarterback. This might result in the other team scoring or just avoiding the blitz.

Companies have to be smart and recognize the blitz that is coming and come up with plans to deal with new problems. You are the home business quarterback. Make sure that you are looking at your business from different directions and make sure that you have a plan in place for those blitz situations that you encounter.

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