Creating Websites Focus on Solving Problems

Are you using a formula to create your websites?  Does your website need to be fancy or can a plain basic website be enough?  Information is information.  You don’t want a really ugly website, but people are more concerned with the quality of the info.

Just think about a time when you wanted to learn something and you turned to the web.  Your first step as probably a search engine.  Next you typed in some keywords and bam, you get a list of websites to choose from.  Today, the search engine might even take it further and give you a few videos to check out.

As you click on the links in the results, you start to make some snap decisions.  If the website does not show up, you are going to hit the back button.  If the site is not talking about the problem that you have, you are clicking the back button. You will do this until to land on a page that provides the type of info that you are looking for.

There are lots of good looking websites online.  If the site does not contain what your web searcher is looking for, they will respond just like you.  They will hit the back button and keep searching until they come close to finding the info that they need.

Think about how you can be that problem solver.  Think about some of the issues that are really getting to you right now.  It might be time to start coming up with some solutions.

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