Creating Content for Real People on the Web

Don’t forget that basics when it comes to online marketing. Online marketing still needs to have a targeted audience. Getting attention is not the end of your online quest either. You will become frustrated if you keep seeing lots of people coming to your site, but not making any sales.

The whole concept of affiliate marketing is to bring people to offers that they want. If you are not getting this first step done, you are not going to make any money. So the first step in the process is finding the large pools of traffic online or offline.

How do you find targeted traffic? Thinking in terms of traffic is probably the wrong way to look at it. When you think of traffic, you might see a lot of cars on the freeway. They might be just getting off of work and they are sitting in their cars. You can probably see the cars moving at a small or slow speed creeping forward and putting on the brakes. The thing to remember is that you are not really after traffic. You are trying to keep the human element involved. You are trying to connect with people. The internet allows website visitors to search for the information that they want. But these are still just people. Remember that.

What do people want? People want all kinds of things. They want to eat. They want to get into relationships and dating. They want to learn how to make more money. They want to learn the latest information on products and services. They want to do all kinds of things. People have different interests and that is what you have to focus on.

How big is the group that you want to attract? You are trying to earn money using the internet. The question becomes how many people fit into the group that you want. Does it make sense to focus on a group that does not have a large number? If there are not a lot of people interested in your topic, it might be better to move on to something else with a larger audience.

Are people just looking or do they want to buy something? Getting people to look at your site might not get you any sales. They might just be interested in learning something new with no intention of buying anything. Should you focus your attention on people that just want to look? There are still ways to get income from people that come to a site.

How can you get money just from the lookers? There are online ad programs that allow you to earn money by the click or by the cost per action. Think about google adsense for a minute. You might create a piece of content that gets attention from the online lookers. They might be interested in learning more about a topic and click a google ad code link. That could earn some money for your site. What if you had a cost per action offer that is located on your site? The web looker might be interested in getting a product that is offered. They enter their email address and you could earn a small cpa commission. Those are just two ways that you could earn income from online web lookers.

Thinking about your online web visitors in terms of people and not just traffic might give you a better plan of action. Instead of thinking about a number in your google analytics account, think about the real people that you want to attract to your webpages and sites. You can sometimes forget that there are real people using the web and not just a number or a statistic that visits your blogs and sites.

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