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Starting to use video to promote your company can be a great idea. Get your video created in just a few minutes with the right tools. You don’t have to appear on camera to be effective.

Create videos using animoto can post them to your youtube account. The process is really simple. Sign up for animoto and create a youtube account. Think about the keywords that people will be searching for to find your information. You can use the google keyword tool and find the right keyword search phrases.

Create your video. Animoto makes it really easy to create videos. You can use your own images and graphics or you can use the pictures supplied by animoto. A 30 second video can contain about 12 slides according to animoto. Arranging the images and text into a slideshow is really easy. After you create a couple of slides, it will be simple as pie. Search the site for the music that fits with your chosen topic and you are good to go. When you are done just hit create video.

When your video is done, you will be notified by email. Name your video and download it to your computer. Upload the file to your youtube account and you are in business.

The final step is to add the title, keyword tags, and description for your video. This is another area for you to use the keywords that you researched prior to creating your short film. Youtube is a popular search engine and people are looking for videos at home and while they are on the go with laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.

You can create your videos and have them posted in no time. Posting a video to youtube might turn into traffic back to your site.  You can add a link in the description area.  You have to be careful when posting your videos to youtube.  The only thing about using hosting sites is they are in control.

It happens all the time online.  They come in and take down a channel. You really don’t know why they shut the channel down.  The dreaded terms of service violation is what gets people.  Who really knows what a violation is?  You have to think before you post videos.  You might be in the right, but someone decides to flag your video.  I guess you just have to chalk it up to the online marketing game.  You are not going to please everybody.  It just helps to go into the whole deal knowing that some stuff can go wrong.

People like to watch videos and if they like your video, they might decide to click your link if you have one.  Create a good description area and provide a link that makes sense.  Video gives you a chance to tap a wide audience online.  It doesn’t hurt to think about seo when it comes to videos.  People use the video sites like search engines too.  So make sure that you do your homework with regards to keywords.  The search engines are saying that keywords are not a big deal, but you might want to do your keyword research anyway.  Come up with good titles and tag your content.

Another good reason to use video is that other people can help you get views.  Think about this for a moment.  There are plenty of people that watch videos and then decide to share them.  The video hosting site even make it easy to share.  You can embed videos in your blog or you could just get the link.  What happens if someone with a popular blog decides to share a video that you created?  It gets your video in front of a wider audience and gets you more exposure.  That one video might lead other people to watch even more of your online work.

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