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Squidoo is a place that you can add content online. It is not really an article directory, but a place to share information and be social online. You will notice as soon as you sign up that squidoo is a little different. They have strange names for articles. They setup articles differently than article directories. Instead of just creating your content with a regular text editor, squidoo has a bunch of different building blocks called modules.

Modules are the foundation of a squidoo lens. Some basic modules are the text module, amazon module, and ebay module. Squidoo makes it really easy to create information. Just select the module and add it to your lens. You can sort the modules by dragging and dropping them on the sidebar.

Squidoo has levels and points that help you unlock more tools that you can use to build lenses. You get points for doing stuff on the site. You can get points for viewing other squidoo lenses, answering quizzes and signing guestbooks. ( Hint: Do the quizzes for more points, they can add up quickly )

Creating lenses will get easier with time. Think about your keywords before you create a new lens. You select a url when you create a new lens, so it helps to create a url that is seo friendly. You also can create keyword tags and categories for your new information.

You can create lenses for your home business and you can even include a few affiliate links. Squidoo allows you to share in the money that is generated with your lenses. Make sure to include your google adsense id in your settings. Do you have an amazon associates account? There are amazon modules that you can include on your lenses.

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Creating squidoo pages related to your home business topics can be a good practice. Home business owners might be use to doing article marketing by posting articles on directories, but they may not have heard of squidoo. It is a community and it helps to participate. You can search squidoo for information related to your topic and learn a lot.

Signing up with squidoo is really easy. You can even log in with your facebook or twitter accounts. After you complete your squidoo pages, you will need to monitor them. Squidoo has a ranking system and if your pages don’t get much traffic, they can lose their luster. Squidoo has a system that tells you whether your lenses are up to par. If there is a green light next to your lens name in the dashboard area, you are all good, and your lens is visible. If you see a red sign / stop sign, it means that your lens could use some work.

Promote your squidoo lenses off of the squidoo website. Include links on your blogs and share links to your squidoo pages in your social media pages. You might even want to include a few links back to your squidoo lenses in articles that you submit to directories.

Squidoo can be a great place to include your information and you don’t even have to pay for web hosting. Test out some of your ideas with squidoo pages. If you have a passion for writing, it could be a good match.

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