Create pdfs and give them away

Do you have a lot of plr content that is collecting dust on your hard drive? You probably don’t even remember how you got the stuff in the first place right?  Maybe  you signed up for a newsletter and they sent you the download for signing up.  You have some content that you didn’t write, but how can you use it to your own benefit?  Unlock that plr content and put it to use online.

The content might seem like it doesn’t have too much value, but you should think about turning it into another potential source of traffic.  It is really hard to argue with free.  You have to think about how free can work for you.

Get a program that will allow you to turn your documents into a pdf doc.  Find a few plr artcles that fit the niche that you want to promote. You can find plr on all kinds of topics.  The stuff is widely available online.  Take a look at the articles that you already have and do an inventory of the sites, blogs and affiliate programs that you have access to.

PLR content is available to lots of different people.  You might want to add some changes to the content before you start to give it away.  Think about what you can add or subtract to make the content better fit your audience.

Add the links in the content and make sure to test that the links work.  Some of the pdf programs don’t keep the links after the new pdf is created.  If your software is not saving the links, you might need to make sure that you write the web address and not use hyperlinked text keywords.

You can use plr in a number of different ways.  Just remember that people like to read ebooks.  The amazon kindle is selling for a reason.  A free product has a low barrier of entry.  Spruce up plr content and turn it into something that is valuable for your readers.

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