Create More Blog Articles for Your Free and Self Hosted Sites

The free blogs that you create are just like the paid blogs. They both have a common need that will not go away. They both are starving for good content. You have to come up with a content strategy plan to keep your sites filled with good niche information.

A free blog like blogger is a good place to learn how to blog. The content posted on a blog can be used to drive traffic. Come up with a writing process that you can follow. Set aside the time to come up with your content, but create your own plan.

Write down the topics that you want to cover. Write the headlines during your brainstorming sessions. Create an old school outline. Break down all the list of main points that you want to cover. This can make writing your blog articles easier.

What about using html tags? Organize your content and highlight the important information. Use the different tags to help bring attention to your main points. Use the h1, h2, and h3 tags. Use bold or strong when you need to make a big point.

Tag your content to make it easy for your readers to get access to similar information.  Tagging your information with keywords is just like adding signs to your content.  What do you think would happen if you walked into a big supermarket or a target store and they didn’t have an shelves, store aisles or signs pointing to different departments?  It would be total chaos.  The signs for your blog are the keywords, tags and categories that you attach to your content.  Don’t forget to have a tag cloud on your blog side bar too.

Create your content quicker by making list points.  You can use ordered lists or unordered lists.

  • Come up with your article title
  • Build a list of the links you want to use
  • Tag your content with the right keywords
  • Organize all the points that you want to cover in your article
  • Write your blog articles
  • Walk away from your article for a while
  • Make sure to save a draft of your article
  • Proofread your article before hitting the publish button
  • Schedule your blog post for publishing

Don’t forget about your content for the mobile market. Are you going to keep your articles short and sweet? Long articles might not be the best option for your mobile web visitors. Think about breaking the content into smaller article sizes.

Make sure that your blogs are mobile optimized. Free sites like blogger have a mobile option for viewing. If you are using wordpress, they have mobile plugins that can help your content show up correctly on mobile devices.

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