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How are you going to earn money with your blog? CPA offers have an easier way of getting a commission than regular affiliate marketing options. With regular affiliate marketing, you might have to get your prospects to click on a link and buy something. This means that they would have to pull out their credit card and complete the order. With cpa offers, some offers only require that the prospect fill out a simple piece of information like an email address or a zip code. Doesn’t that sound easier than getting someone to pull out a credit card?

Get signed up

The first step is getting signed up with cpa marketing companies. The process is a little bit harder than just signing up with clickbank or one of the other easy affiliate marketing networks. With cpa, they might want to get you on the phone to verify your information.

Find offers for your niche

Get approved and get started with the types of offers available in your niche. The affiliate manager will ask you what types of offers you are looking for and where you will be promoting the offers. You want to get offers that are a good fit for your niche. Pay attention to the offer details. CPA offers can have more rules than regular old affiliate marketing offers.

Grab banners and text links

Find the offers that fit your target audience and start grabbing the banners and text links. There are lots of different ways to promote cpa offers, but you have to stick to the rules allowed for each offer. They can restrict offers by country and marketing type, so learn what is allowed. Talk to your affiliate manager to clarify the details.

Add cpa offers to your site

Once you get your cpa links, you can start adding them to your site. You might want to include them in your sidebar or even in the content of your blog pages. It is not much harder than doing a simple copy and paste job.

Now the work starts. You have to drive traffic to the offers. Add more content to your sites and track your results. You can log into your cpa account to see how the offers are doing. They will show you the number of clicks and conversions.

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