CPA Marketing – How to get started

Cost per action marketing is another way to generate income online. Instead of getting someone to take out their wallet and buying something you can get paid when someone takes an action. That action could be entering an email address or entering a zip code.

How do you get started with cpa or cost per action marketing? You need to find cpa networks! Searching the internet marketing forums can be a good place to start. The warrior forum has a section dedicated to cpa marketing. You can view the cpa threads and learn how to apply to cpa networks, how to get approved, and how to market cpa offers.

CPA offers are different than regular internet marketing offers. They can be focused on a specific niche / vertical and they can be restricted to specific locations. So you might have a fitness blog and are focused on everything fitness. You would probably want to get with a cpa network that has a lot of fitness / health offers.

Getting converting web traffic is essential to cpa marketing. People use all kinds of traffic generation methods for cpa but you have to follow what the cpa network says. Some networks won’t allow certain traffic. If you market on a restricted traffic sources you can get your account banned.

There are a few cpa marketing guides that you can find online that go into much more detail about the cpa. If you have a blog and are looking for a new revenue stream then you should look into cpa marketing. Find the offers that fit with your traffic. Some people like to use article marketing, or blogging while others might prefer to use ppc or pay-per-click advertising to drive internet traffic. Video marketing could also be used to promote cpa offers.

CPA marketing could be the monetization tool for your websites or blogs. Do you already have a large mailing list? Some cpa offers are designed just for email list traffic. Learn more about cpa marketing and apply today.

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