Coupon Sites and Rewards Sites

Watching online videos can help you get a little bit of understanding.  I watched one the other day on affiliate summit.  The speaker talked about mobile devices and coupons.

Coupons might bring back the memories of going to the mailbox and seeing the inserts in the paper.  They still send some of those coupons in the mail, but we are living in the information age.  Now, people are ready to save money just by doing an online search to find the coupon that they need.

Discount codes are one more item to focus on.  Before completing the checkout process, don’t you look for discount codes if you see that little box there.  Sometimes you can really save some money just by doing a quick search, copy and paste.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it might be time to start thinking about setting up your own coupon or rewards type site.  People are buying products online and offline.  They are going to go for the coupons to save money.  Think about all those tv shows like extreme couponing.

People like getting gift cards too.  Online rewards sites are another avenue.  People are getting points for stuff that they do already.  Rewards programs are not new.  Sites like swagbucks and irazoo are just a few.

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