Cost Per Action Marketing – Marketing with Articles

Cost per action marketing with articles is a low cost way to get prospects.  One thing to remember with cpa offers is that they can expire at a moments notice. So how can you market cpa offers with articles and not lose the traffic to expired offers? 

Writing evergreen articles that send your traffic back to a blog or back to your ezine signup page is probably the best option.  Writing a lot of articles and sending the end user directly to the offer might result in a few conversions quickly, but what happens after the offer goes away?  You might have a perfectly good article that delivers traffic but you never get the benefit of the traffic and it is lost forever.

Sending your article traffic to your blog gives you a chance to give them more information about your niche topic.  Your blog is probably going to have more than just one cpa offer available.  They might find more than one that they decide to perform an action on.  Your blog posts might be good enough to get them to bookmark the site and return for more good information in the future.

Blogs can be a dime a dozen and you might want to instead build a long term relationship with your audience.  Instead of sending them directly to your blog, you could send them to your ezine signup page.  Maybe you offer them a free ebook and get their email address and name.  Now you are in more control and you have the ability to talk on a regular basis.  You are not limited to just one interaction, but instead, you can start being the supplier of high quality information about the niche and you can include cpa offers in your ezine or newsletter.

Marketing with articles is a long term process. You have to think about how your articles are going to be used now and in the future.  Posting articles on directories this year might not get picked up until next year.  Your evergreen topics need to have enough pull to get people to act in the future.  When they do act, you want them to have a successful jump to your sites and newsletters.  You don’t want to put forth a lot of effort writing articles and end up losing the hard earned traffic to your competitors.

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