Cost Per Action Marketing for Your Blog

Cost per action marketing is another way to get income from your blog. You can post contextual links in your articles or you can use banners in your blog sidebar. The main thing to have is web traffic. Even that is really not enough. You really need converting traffic.

Cost per action ads are different from regular affiliate links. Most of the affiliate links that you see require someone to make purchase in order for you to make a commission. With cost per action they just have to do what the offer requires. This can be anything from supplying an email address or submitting a zip code. The amount of information might have an impact on the amount of money that you can earn for each lead.

Another way to make money with cost per action marketing is to send traffic from your email newsletter list. If you don’t already have a list then you should get one. One issue with cost per action marketing is that the offers can expire. You might be required to remove the expired offer affiliate links. This can be an issue if you don’t remember where all of your links are.

Blogs are really quick sites that allow you to share.  You don’t have to make all of your blog posts super intense. Blogs can be fun or serious, you can just express yourself through your blogging.

Creating content for a blog can range from really bland content to super targeted content.  You should think about the types of cpa ads that you want to include.  Will the ads fit with your blog audience?  CPA networks have different types of offers and you want to have a good fit.  You might have a blog that is focused on business and you could find lots of good business opportunity cpa ads that people looking to get into business would love to take a look at.

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