Conventions and Conferences

Don’t you just love going to conferences and conventions.  I check the schedule before going to make sure that I know the meetings that I really want to attend.  Skipping some of the stuff that doesn’t really matter seems just like a better use of your time.

I had planned to skip a morning session and all the fluff that comes with some conferences, but was kind of disappointed when I got to the meeting to find that they had changed the schedule.  I guess that taught me a lesson.

You really have to stick to it at those conventions.  You might run into a dry presentation that makes you want to ditch for the day.  You might really be missing out on some good information when you do this.  It was hot and the morning presentations seemed to be off to a slow start, but decided to stick around.  The presentation titles can seem boring, but you never know about the speaker.  The speaker or presenter can make all the difference.

One presentation that I didn’t want to miss was on Building Business Credit. You might have seen a few commercials on late night tv or maybe a few videos online that discuss the subject.  It was a really good presentation that talked about the basics.  One thing that I noticed was that we didn’t cover all the information that was talked about at the beginning.  There were some questions from the audience that cut into the presentation time.  It was still good because the questions were relevant.  Simple information like keeping your business name the same on all your applications when setting up your accounts was helpful.

Conferences are a good way to stay informed about what is going on in your niche.  It is good to have a lot of business cards handy.  You can meet new people and expand your network.  I went through all the trouble of collecting some business cards, but misplaced them when I got home.  Keep the business cards that you collect in an area where you won’t lose them.  You still have to add all of that contact information to your database.  I should really think about investing in one of those business card scanners to cut down on the input time.

One problem that I have with those conferences is the coffee.  Why does the coffee at these events always taste like motor oil?  I just don’t get it.  It tastes like it has been brewed the day before.  There is nothing that you can do to rehab the stuff.  You can add as much cream and sugar as you want.  It still has no effect.

Overall, attending conferences and conventions related to your industry is a great idea if you can swing it.  You can get some valuable information in a shorter amount of time.  You can network with other people in your field and you can get more ideas to help grow your business.

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