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What is your real plan for coming up with content? You can do it the stop and start way or you can do it in an ordered way. You could write your content in a text editor and then load it up to your blog. The scheduling feature of blogging is really a cool tool. Just input the text in draft mode and select when you want to post the content in the future. It is really simple. Do a test to make sure that it works and you are good to go.

Coming up with a real plan

How many times are you going to post content? Are you going to make a post a week or do you want to post content daily? It is all up to you when it comes to blogging and website building. Another point to remember is that you don’t have to do all of the writing by yourself. There are plenty of content sources that you can use as leverage for your sites. Private label rights are just one way to add extra content to your online portfolios.

Putting some action into your plan

After your plan is complete, you want to put it into action. Break your big tasks into simple steps. Some items you can get done quicker than others. You want to make sure that you are inching forward to your main goals. Stay focused and before you know it, you have completed your tasks.

What do you want your content to accomplish

You remember that there are lots of different types of writing. Think about how you want your content to impact your audience. Do you just want to entertain or are you trying to get them to take action? Are you just trying to deliver information? These are some questions that you can ask yourself before you publish your content.

Create a Database of Topics

You don’t have to start every piece of content from scratch. There may be certain topics that you are going to focus on, think about keeping a database for your sites. Take some time to learn the basics of microsoft access or the free database program called mysql. These are real database programs that might require a little bit of time to master. You can also use a simple program like microsoft excel to keep track of your information.

Simple List of Topics

Create a simple list of topics. You might even want to create a potential list of possible headlines for articles. Some articles can have a similar headline that you can change to fit your purposes. Start paying attention to the way headlines are delivered. Don’t be so quick to hit the delete button on some of those spam messages. They might have some clues to creating a decent headline for your future articles.

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