Content Lockers – Making money with websites and blogs

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Google adsense is just one way to make some extra cash with a blog. In order for you to get any money with a blog, you are going to need web traffic. There are lots of programs like adsense that you can use. One new way that people are trying to monetize sites is with content lockers.

A content locker is a piece of software that blocks the protected content until a specific action is taken. Your content needs to really be worth it for someone to complete an offer for it.

What kinds of content will work with a content locker? Videos, ebooks or some really interesting blog content might do the trick. Content lockers are becoming more widely used online.

How hard is it to setup a content locker? It is really not that hard at all. Once you are approved with the program, they will give you the code to install on your site. Content lockers can lock a whole site or just a specific page of content.

People are starting to become more aware of advertising. They might be ignoring the banner ads on your site. They might immediately recognize the google adsense ads and avoid them like the plague. There is nothing that can be denied about content lockers. They are in your face advertising. If your content is strong enough, people might be willing to complete the offers.

Just like all other forms of internet advertising, you will need to have the traffic in order for content locking to work. No traffic will lead to no income with content locking. Are you ready to try content locking?

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