Content Ideas

You don’t have to struggle like those big offensive linemen at the beginning of a nfl play. Coming pu with information for your blogs and sites does not have to seem like a wwe wrestling match. All you need to do is follow a few steps and come up with a plan.

Content Ideas

Start by coming up with your content ideas. Nothing hard to do here. Just start thinking about the areas that you want to cover. You can just let your mind dump all of the options on the table, just like one of those big dump trucks that picks up the garbage. You are not producing garbage. You are coming up with great content for your blogs and sites.


What comes into your mind when you think of brainstorming? Are you putting those two images together? A picture of a brain pulsating with electrical currents and an image of the wizard of oz with winds whirling around in a lot of debris flying through the air? You are brainstorming and you are going to come up with all kinds of new connections to information.

Just keep it simple. Open up a notepad file on your computer or pull the paper and pen, the old school way still works too. Start putting something down. Just start letting those words flow. Don’t stop it, just keep it going until you can’t think of anything else. You can think about a green light at a stop sign and the highway. This is your chance to burn rubber when it comes to coming up with ideas. Think about the autobahn and testing out the fastest car available. You are in the drivers seat and you are in complete control.

What is popular right now

Think popular. Think about what is going on right now. How is it related to your topic? Put it down and keep on moving forward. Don’t just think about what is popular. What about something related that is not popular? Keep on adding new options for content ideas.

What is going to be evergreen

Some concepts are going to be important no matter what time of year. What are the basics that are related? Keep adding new stuff. The term is evergreen and you want in on evergreen topics. What are the timeless topics that people will always want to know?

Common Problems

You like stuff one way, but other people can’t stand it. There is opportunity in the problems that people are facing. What are the problems in your area of focus? Are there some potential solutions that you have access to? Write them down. Can you move the ball forward?

New Information, New Problems

Change is going on all the time. Nobody is going to be happy all the time. Some people might like something new and others may be pissed off when a new change is made. That is just life in the city. These are all potential content ideas. Write them down.

Planning Your Content

Now you have a boat load of ideas. What are you going to do with them? You can think about it like that big load of hamburger meat. You just pulled off all the plastic wrapping. You have plenty of meat to work with, but there are plenty of different options at your disposal. You could make some quick burgers by adding some seasoning and throwing it into a pan. You could find some spaghetti and go Italian. You could take a shortcut and find a box of hamburger helper. There are plenty of options. Do the same thing with your ideas. The list of ideas can be mixed and mashed in the way that you choose.

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