Clickbank – The easy way to get started with affiliate marketing

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Clickbank is one of the easy ways to get started with affiliate marketing. Signing up for the site is easy and you don’t even have to have a website. There are lots of affiliate programs and networks online. Some can make it really difficult to get started, clickbank is not one of those networks.

Just fill out the information and get your clickbank id. This is the key to using the clickbank system. It will be the way that clickbank knows that you were the affiliate that generated the sale. After you get approved for clickbank, you can start to search the clickbank marketplace. This is the area where you can search for products to promote.

Promoting clickbank products is really simple. Just find the products that are interesting to you and check the sales page. This is the page that your prospects and clients will see when they click your affiliate links. How does the sales page look? Not all sales pages are the same. Some clickbank vendors take a lot of time to create really good looking sales pages with really good sales copy to help people take the jump and buy the product. After you have viewed the sales page, you can go ahead and create your affiliate links.

Creating your affiliate links is easy with clickbank. Just hit the promote button. A new window will pop up and ask for your clickbank id. Just enter your clickbank id and generate your affiliate link. There is also an option for tracking that you can enter. This can help if you are using a lot of different marketing channels and you want to know where the sales are coming from. But when you are just getting started, you are probably not going to use this information. Once you hit the promote button, a new link will be created for the clickbank product. You want to copy and save this information in a safe place. Now you have what it takes to start earning affiliate commissions.

Your clickbank affiliate links are just text links that you can add to your blog or website. There are some clickbank vendors that give you more marketing options. They will create banner ads, text ads, email copy and sometimes even videos that can help you sell the product. Check for an affiliate section on the vendor product page. You will want to bookmark the affiliate page, so you can go back to it, if necessary.

Now you have everything that you need to get started with affiliate marketing. You could get back to your regular blogging activities and include banner ads in the sidebar. You could also start adding text links in some of your articles or on other sections of your blog. You might not even be limited to using your clickbank links on your website. People have created ebooks and other free marketing materials like spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations and included affiliate links in them.

Now all you have to do is start generating traffic to your affiliate links. Take a creative approach and think outside of the box. You could start creating videos. You could even setup your own domain and start sending traffic directly to the affiliate offer. Some marketers even take the whole marketing process offline. Another big way to get traffic is to build your own email list and add affiliate offers in with the content of the newsletter.

Clickbank is an easy way to get started with affiliate marketing. Get your affiliate links and start promoting online and offline.

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