Clickbank and Paypal Account

I just started reading a book on affiliate marketing that I got for free on amazon.  It talks about getting started in online marketing and the benefits of selling digital products through the internet.  One of the places that she talked about was clickbank.  

Get a clickbank account

If you are trying to get started and you don’t want to wait forever on getting approvals, clickbank is a no brainer.  Some affiliate programs can take forever just to give you an answer.  Getting a clickbank account is fast and it opens the door to lots of different programs for promotion.

Get a paypal account

It is an easy way to get paid.   Setting up a paypal account is also simple.  There are lots of different ways to get paid in affiliate marketing.  Some programs just offer checks, but they might also offer paypal, payoneer or others.  Getting a paypal account is still a good way to start online.

Clickbank products

The marketplace for clickbank is large.  You have to find the items and get your links.  After getting those pieces into place, you have to come up with your marketing strategy.  Are you going to write content to drive traffic to the clickbank offers?  You might not want to start from scratch.  There are content sources online that can help you get the ball rolling.  You might want to even consider presell reports that can help you get started with some of the popular niches on clickbank.

Get a paypal debit card

When you get paid through paypal, you might want to get access to your money faster.  They have a debit card that you can use at atm machines.  This is better than having to wait extra days to transfer your paypal money into your bank account. 

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