Classified Ads

Some old marketing methods don’t go away. What about using classified ads for generating leads for your business?

You might have a blog or a product to sell. People still visit the classified ads. In the past, you could get free classified ads by going to the gas station or the grocery store. Now, you can get classified ads online.

Don’t turn up your nose at classifieds. Some people might think that classified ads might not generate the type of customer they are are looking for.

People are selling all kinds of products and services through classifieds. Take a look at this. Pimping Craigslist For Fun and Profit

These types of sites get a lot of traffic. Take a look at some local ads and see the types of services and products that are offered. You might be surprised.

This can be your testing ground for your headlines. Try some ads and see if they result in getting traffic.

Don’t put all of your marketing into one basket. Try different methods and then add more attention to what works.

Come up with a plan for your marketing and put it into action. There is a reason that people are posting on these sites, it must provide some potential upside.

Free Classifieds

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