Cheap Domain Names

When you are heavy into the online marketing thing, domain names are part of the business.  When you can get a savings on domain names, you have to jump on them.  Godaddy is the heavy hitter in the domain name game.  They put out godaddy discount codes on the regular.  All you have to do is keep your eye open for when the codes drop.

There are a couple of websites that you can check regularly to stay in the know.  The first is the warrior forum.  People will let you know when deals are happening and not just for godaddy.  Namecheap is another one that offers coupons every now and then.

You can do a quick search and find the top websites that post godaddy coupon codes.  Just keep them bookmarked and check them regularly.  Another good idea is to keep a list of domain names that you are interested in.  When those cheap domain codes get released, you won’t make a bad decision on a domain name.  You can just go to your list and see if the domain is still available for registration.

A good website to keep handy is domaintyper.  They make it easy to check the status of domains.  Sometimes you don’t want to search for domains on the actual registration sites.

Domain names are part of the internet marketing game and it helps to save a few bucks to two when you can.  The only other thing to watch out for with domain discount codes is that they can have special requirements.  Some of those deals offer you free trials with other services.  Make sure that you pay attention and don’t get automatically charged for services at the renewal date.

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