Changing your wordpress theme

Nitrous Theme - High Energy Theme for WordPress

Spruce up your wordpress blog with a new wordpress theme.  When you first get a wordpress blog it comes with a default theme.  WordPress makes it simple to change your site design in a few mouse clicks.

Search the internet for themes that you think would look great for your site.  There are plenty of top themes to choose from.  You can find wordpress theme membership clubs that give you access to even more themes that you can use on your site.

Changing your theme is really simple.  You can download the new theme to your computer and upload it to your site.  Or you might even be able to install the theme from inside your wordpress installation using administration features.

Premium themes make it easier for you to get things done.  Instead of having to go into the code and use the editor to make changes to your site for adding ads or analytics some themes make it simple with simple theme options. 

So if you are interested in adding google adsense or banner ads for affiliate marketing purposes you should think about getting a well designed wordpress theme and make it easy on yourself. 

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