PLR and Niche Websites

What is going to be your formula for using private label rights content?  If you don’t know about plr, you want to start getting into the know.  There is a lot of content online that people are just giving away for free.  You might have to pay for some forms of it, but you can get some plr for really cheap or less.

Why would someone give away content for free?  They might be ready to build up a list and turn you into a long time customer.  If the free plr is good, you might be ready to start opening your wallet for the stuff that they are asking you to pay for.

How can you use the plr content?  There are lots of people that are clueless when it comes to technology and setting up websites.  They might not know their ftp from their html or php.  The big secret is that they don’t need to know how to do everything to get a good result online when it comes to web development.  Enter plr content and the right marketing mind.

Get dirt cheap domain names

You can find domain names for dirt cheap online.  Do some searching for your favorites and when you get the right discount code jump all over them.  Start adding those domain names that you can use for your niche websites to your online portfolio.

Use your unlimited web hosting

Check your web hosting plan to see if you can host multiple domains.  If you can, you are in luck.  You can setup those niche sites like superman.  There is a simple way to make websites without having to know all the details.  If installing software on a web hosting account is out of your pay grade, you can always put on your business hat and get someone to do it for you.

Create wordpress websites

WordPress is fast and simple to use.  Once you get it installed, there is not much else to learn.  You can change the way that a wordpress site looks by clicking a few buttons.  Wordpress themes can be purchased or downloaded for free.  Wordpress also has a lot of extra software programs available called plugins that can make your web development experience easier.

Rewrite Your PLR

Content is like water to the human body.  You need it for your online sites.  Blogs need content.  Websites need content.  Mailing lists need content.  You can get content for very low prices or even free when you know where to look online.

PLR content is widely available, but the key to remember is that everybody that gets it can use it.  You don’t want to be lazy and just try to use plr fresh from the box.  This is not the best way to leverage your content.

Take the time and rewrite the content to fit your needs.  Come up with content that makes sense to your audience.  Pay attention to the plr rules and run with it.  Add your own special keywords and remix it.

Insert Your Ads

Getting the content loaded into the is easy part.  What about placing ads on your new site?  There are plenty of options.  Google Adsense, chitika, affiliate offers and cpa offers are all potential income streams.  You might not even want to present your niche site readers with ads.  You could save the ads for your mailing list.  Use your niche site as a lead generator and only post ads in your newsletter.

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Marketing Course

Setting your marketing course can start with something simple.  Free classified ads are an inexpensive way to start testing your messages.  There is not telling how far your marketing message will reach through free classified ads.

Another low cost marketing method is blogging.  Outsourcing your article writing can free up some of your time.  Setting up a domain for a niche blog can be done really quickly even if you don’t have the top tech skills.

Buy a domain name that is easy to remember and then start filling it with your new articles.  Are you going to post all of your content on one day?  It might be better to add your content over time in a drip fashion.

Marketing with a blog can also be helped with videos and images.  You don’t just have to focus completely on adding text.  Make sure that you can reach a wider audience through different media options.

Marketing with social media is another choice.  Take advantage of twitter, facebook and linkedin.  There are lots of people that love using these services.  You can find ways to interact online and share information about your business without coming across as a salesperson.

Marketing with free document sites is easy to do.  Scribd and slideshare are two places that you want to post relevant content.  This is another free option for placing helpful and informative content.  Making pdfs is super simple.  Just save your documents in the pdf format.  You can use the open office software or google docs.

Marketing with images. Can you use software to create good looking images and pictures? Take pictures and make sure to add your url. Sharing photos is something that lots of people like to do these days. Take a look at sites like pinterest. Use software to make images for your blog posts.

Remember to use leverage.  How can you get more traffic for your sites?  Keep looking at marketing and how you can use it to attract the right prospects.

SEO Software

One of the ways that traffic gets generated with through the search engines.  People go to the search engines for one simple reason.  They want to get their questions answered.  A search engine is really easy to use.

Search Engine Optimization Tips -> Look at this 

A person looking for answers can just type in their question and they get back a list of web addresses to check.  The websites that get a listing at the top of the search page is in a better position.  People are going to look until they find what they are looking for, but the farther down the list in the search results means a less chance of getting traffic.  The website on the first page of results is better than the site on the 100th page of results.

Every new blog or website is trying to get close to the front of the search engine results pages.  What makes a site show up earlier in the results pages?  We don’t have a clue.  This is something that the search engines keep a big secret.  There are lots of people and companies that are focused on learning how to get to the top of the result pages.  There are companies that even produce seo software.

Everybody knows that having good content that is helpful to web searchers is a good idea.  Some website owners and bloggers focus on creating seo articles to help drive traffic.  Writing articles is a free method that lots of people try, but it can get tiresome if the traffic does not show up.  You might be ready to start looking at different services to help drive your web traffic.

Websites can focus on keywords for seo purposes, but you cannot forget about the real people that are looking for information.  The best step is to try new things to get more traffic.  If driving traffic with seo is in your plans, you want to get training and check the software that is available.

Small Business Ideas – Mobile Marketing

Take a look at the new way of marketing for mobile devices

Super smartphones like the apple iphone 5 are in the hands of customers

Target marketing for android smartphones

Learn about mobile marketing and pay per call ads

Don’t forget about internet users with feature phones

Everybody has a phone or a tablet computer. Don’t discount the old cell phones

Learn about secrets of mobile landing pages

Learn the dangers direct linking to offers

Stop wasting time and start using paid traffic sources

There is more than just google adwords. There are lots of mobile traffic sources

Financial Freedom – Searching for the right business opportunity

Financial freedom is what people are chasing after. Just getting in front of the bills and not having to worry about your financial obligations is big deal. Being able to afford what you want and go to the places that you have wanted to visit on your own schedule is the dream that many strive for.

Some business owners actually achieve financial freedom. Can you image turning on your computer and checking your bank account and seeing six figures or seven figures staring back at you? Can you see yourself pulling up to the home that you have always wanted?

Making more money is a dream for many.  The bills are going to keep rolling in and you want to do something that gives you a chance to get some breathing room.  What are some of the jobs that you can do from home to add extra income?

Searching for the right home income business is the start of a journey.  Look at where you want to be.  What are your short term and long term goals for your business?  The next step is not getting caught in the planning phase.  You might be the type that wants everything to be perfect before taking the first step.  Business moves fast and you have to be ready to try new things.

How much planning are you going to need to start a  business from home?  There are different programs that you could start today.  Affiliate marketing is just one type of business that does not require a lot of upfront costs.

Searching for the right business from home will require some research and due diligence.  You can find lots of information online.  Take the next step to see the options available.  Small companies can turn into big companies.  Take a look at some of the companies on the inc 500 list.

Advantages of Running a Business from Home

What are the advantages of running a business from your home office?  You don’t have to look far to see the big benefits.

no commute

With a home office, you can go to work when you want.  You don’t have to pull out the credit card and fill up the tank as much.  Driving can waste a lot of time from your working day.  Some people have a long driving commute to their jobs.  A home office with an internet connection and computers can be a big time saver.  Instead of smelling all the car fumes and being stuck in traffic, you can get more work done from your home computer.

no office space cost

More businesses are looking at ways on saving rental costs.  There are lots of business expenses that can come with running a business.  Just finding a place to do business means forking over money.  Do you have space in your home that you can turn into an office?  The internet wifi and a good computer can be the basics that you need to get started.

leverage the internet

People are using the web for more than just watching movies and playing games.  Some business minded professionals are leveraging the web to get more money.  There are lots of web based businesses that don’t have to take over your home office and living space.

Running a business from home should be something on your list of research.  A home office does not have to take up a lot of space.  Some types of businesses are great for the home office space.

Best Home Businesses

When you think about what you need to get business done now it makes sense to create your own home office and home business.  Companies know that they can get away with spending less on office space too.  You want to cut down on your overhead.  Do you really need a separate place to work from?  Sure it helps to have a business address away from your home.  If your business requires a lot of customer contact you don’t want to have people coming into your home or even knowing where you live.  You want to keep your business life away from your home life.

You can keep your business separate by meeting your clients at their place of business.  You can talk with clients via telephone and video phone calls.  A lot of business can get done over the internet.  The only problem with that is when your internet connection goes down you are out of business.  You should come up with a backup plan for your internet service.

Working from home can mean isolation.  Can you focus just on your job?  Can you keep your personal stuff out of the way while you are trying to get work done.  Its tempting to walk into the other room and watch tv instead of focusing on your business.  Its easy to go to the kitchen and get something to eat.   Sometimes you can feel like your are land locked in your home office.  You can find yourself in your home for days at a time without leaving.

Everything is connected now so there is less of a reason to get face to face with people.  You can get your money from paypal or get it wired into your account.  You can do your banking online. You can order everything that you need for your business online and have it delivered.

Best Home Business Opportunity

What is the best home biz?  There too many choices to say that there is just one.  Get the information that you need to learn the basics of your business and then take action to get customers.

It is hard to not think about the internet when it comes to business.  You could create your own products and sell them through the web.

You might not have good sales skills, but there is an answer for that problem.   You don’t just have to be an affiliate for others, you can use an affiliate program for your own products.  Get other people to sell your products and give them a cut of the sales.

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Your best business might be writing.  Writing your own books and selling them online could be a passive income stream.  You write the information one time and then make sales in the future.

There are different levels of information.  Some people want to be entertained and others want to learn how to do stuff.  Writing content and selling it or using it to make more of your own sales is an income stream.

Come up with a business plan and think big.  A web business is a global business.   You can even use leverage to take your biz to the next level.  What about outsourcing?  You don’t have to do all the work yourself.  You can find other vendors and workers that can provide the services that you want to offer.

The choice is yours when it comes to the best home business.  You have to start somewhere.

Offline Marketing and Online Marketing – What is the difference?

lots of people are focused just on internet marketing. The reason is really simple. Some people like the idea of working from home without having to interact with other people face to face or on the phone. This means that a marketer might be missing a whole other group of people that are ready to spend money.

The other people that are ready to spend money are walking around in the real world. This is the exciting world of offline marketing. When people leave the house, they bring a few important items with them. They usually have a cell phone or smartphone and they have their money.

Offline marketing means getting from behind the computer and putting your marketing skills to the test in the real world. Internet marketing is almost like marketing on autopilot. An internet marketer could setup websites and let them do the selling 24 hours a day without even talking to a prospect or customer. An offline marketer has to get in front of a person that can make a buying decision.

Part of the issue with offline marketing is the idea of rejection. Some marketers don’t want to deal with someone telling them no. They don’t want to get yelled at for offering their services or get kicked out of a place of business. Some marketers have a really tough skin and they don’t take it personal when it comes to going after new sales.

A Home Business: Learning how to get web traffic

There is something that you are going to need for your home business.  It is called traffic.  You are going to want more web traffic and you are going to want more converting sales.  Putting in a lot of time on your sites and they don’t turn into any money can be a real downer.

You can learn the information about traffic from your home office.  There are plenty of courses that you can find about how to generate web traffic. Just sign up for free ebooks and mailing lists. They will give you a few tips for how to generate more traffic for your sites.

The real test will come when it is time to drive your own traffic.  Free methods are what people start with.  They use to call it bum marketing.  This method involved leveraging all the free resources online.  It might be creating articles and posting your content on free sites and linking back to your own sites.  The only problem with this strategy is that everybody is trying to do this now.

Who really wants to write lots of articles all day?  You must really like writing or you are ready to start improving your typing skills.  When the web was first getting started, the internet connections where slow and it took a long time to get the webpages to load.   Those days are over and now we have broadband internet.  You don’t just have to think about text when it comes to getting web traffic.  People are walking around with super computers in the form of mobile devices.  Wifi internet access is everywhere in the real world.  People can instantly download and watch streaming videos.  Your videos could be free and help generate global web traffic.

Keeping the free theme, you might want to look at leveraging your traffic for different reasons.  Some people want to build lists and others want to send the traffic straight to offers.

Does anybody really want to pay for internet traffic?  Everybody wants to go the free route and get people to show up from the search engines.  The only issue is the search engines keep changing the game.  Learning how to get web traffic is still focused on some of the things that happen in the real world.  You are going to need headlines.  Just like the magazines that you see when you are paying for your items in line at target.  Some magazines will have interesting photos and captions that make you look.  How are you going to find web traffic and get people to stop?