Internet Blogging

Internet blogging can cover just about any topics that you want to cover. All it takes is getting a blog and starting to write. Writing is something that is open to just about anyone that chooses to do it. You might not be the best writer, but you skills can improve over time.

One of the ways that bloggers earn money with is placing ads on the blog. Getting approved with advertisers does not have to be really hard. There are affiliate programs that are friendly to your online marketing efforts.

Clickbank is one of those places that a new blogger can find products to promote. Another option for ads on your blog is google adsense. Getting approved for a google ads account is a big deal. Installing the google code one time and not having to worry about it can be a passive income strategy.

Getting traffic for your site is still going to be an issue. It would be wise to setup a mailing list for your blog. This is important because it gives a blogger more chances to interact with the readers.

Keep the content on the blog fresh and find more ways to help your online audience. Internet blogging can be your online ticket. Come up with your blogging content and build your online audience.

Blogging can be really fun. You can discuss the topics that you choose and you can make your articles as serious or as silly as you want. Happy blogging.

Blogging Some More

Start getting into your creative side and come up with something new to share online. There is no good reason for not getting into blogging. Sure, it helps if you can type really fast. You don’t want to take forever to come up with just one blog post. If you can type like you are a nascar driver, you have a real head start.

Free blogs or blogs that you invest money into are all your choice. Free blogs have the advantage of getting started quickly without too much of a headache, but there can be downsides. You want to keep your blog around when you are investing time into building it. Some free blogs can get deleted if you start trying to do a lot of advertising.

Information is something that does not go out of style. You might have a different view on information that can be helpful to online readers of your blog. All you need to do is think about all the different real estate books that are on the market. The topic is not new, but real estate readers continue to find a new way to consume the information. Your blog is not going to be that much different. The information could be similar, but it can be tailored to your specific niche. General or specific, you can take your blog in any direction that you choose.

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Blogging is a great way to get into internet marketing. Getting people coming to your blog is just the start. They might be looking for good products related to your topic. If you are writing about home business, there may be some great online courses that would fit your market. Your readers might be interested in learning how to setup a wordpress blog. They could be interested in how to get a great logo for a home business. There are lots of affiliate programs that can be leveraged using your blog. You might even want to consider creating your products and using your blog to promote them.

When are you going to blog? Your blog can be just like the automatic coffee maker that is setup an d ready to go. You might even want to think about it like your favorite soda machine. The vending machine owners load up all the content ( sodas ) and when the soda drinkers are thirsty, they can get what is available. You could setup your blog in the same way. You might hit a really good stride with your writing and create a bunch of articles. With blogging, you don’t have to release all of your content at one time. You could schedule them to get loaded. Just think about it like setting the sprinkler system for your grass. Load it up and know that the content will be ready to go.

Blogging can be done on your own schedule. Make a list of posts and knock them out when you can. You might even want to use private label rights content to help smooth out your content needs. PLR can be helpful when you are trying to come up with new article titles.

Turn the World Into Your Office

Global Blogging and Mobile

Are you ready to get started online with work from home?  You don’t have to wait.  You can setup your own blogs and start creating content and rebranding content.

The web is filled with different ways to earn money.  You don’t have to have your own products, but it might be a good idea to start creating a few products of your own.  Create responsive websites that are ready to deal with the new and exciting mobile devices available with internet access.  You don’t want to create sites that are hard to read on some mobile devices.

People are always sharing information online and you can get into the habit of doing it too.  The internet is really good for this.  You don’t have to go in public, you can go online and read what you want and respond to the information that you find.

Blogging is probably going to be the fastest way to setup your own online site.  Blogs are also good for communicating with people online.  Just pick a topic and start adding information.  You have to learn the rules of blogging and traffic generation.  You can place a new blog online, but that does not mean that people will automatically show up.  There are going to be some things that you have to do to generate traffic.

Web traffic can come from the search engines or from people directly typing in your web address. Keep this in mind.  Keywords are really important.  Anybody can start a blog and that means that the field is crowded.  You are going to need to do what you can to drive traffic to your blog.  There are free blogs and blogs that you pay for.  If you want more control, you will choose the self hosted option.  The free blogs can be shut down at any time.

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You don’t just have to use writing for your blog. It is good to switch it up sometimes with videos and audio files.  This is why it is important to get responsive websites that can adapt to different kinds of devices.

More people are connecting to the web through smartphones and tablets.  Getting a responsive site is easy.  Think about your different readers when you are coming up with more content.  They might not be sitting at home on the computer.  They could be walking around or waiting for a class to start.

How is your site going to look when a reader is pulling up your site on an apple ipad or a google nexus 7?  You don’t want to turn off your potential readers just because they are connecting with a mobile device.  The bigger companies are already on the mobile train.

Some of the blogging systems are built with mobile in mind.  You can get online with blogging and you have a chance to go after a global market.  Just get started and learn the ropes as you go.

Turn the World Into Your Office

Blogging Tips – Leverage Your Talent using the Internet

Start fast online with a blog.

Write blog posts and share information from your point of view.

Blogs are simple and easy to start.

You can blog from just about anywhere.

There are lots of different content management systems and blogging tools.

WordPress is a really hot blogging platform.

Blogging can be done for a really low price.

Use blogging to help drive web traffic.

Blogging can leverage writing, video and audio content.

Useful Links

Free Marketing Options for Your Business

Free classified ads

Think about how you can use free marketing with free classified ads.  You can include images and text to promote your products and services.  The process for signing up is easy and you can even include a link back to your sites.  Some might want to just include a phone number that your prospects can use to get in touch with you.  If you are not doing free classified ad marketing, you should think about adding it.  It could be just one more potential client income stream.

Free video marketing

Don’t miss the train on free video marketing.  What is the big deal about video?  It is quicker to get started.  You don’t have to be a good writer.  You don’t have to take all day to get your videos done.  Video is something that can spread really quickly.  You have heard of the site called Youtube.  What if you don’t want to be on camera?  There are a number of different solutions to this.  You can get started with video marketing and it is constantly growing.

Free article marketing

Are you a really fast typer?  Do you have a bunch of stories that you can rattle off without stopping?  You might want to focus on using your writing skills.  Article marketing can be your marketing method of choice.  Writing is a skill that doesn’t run out of style.  You can use article directories to help spread your marketing message.

Free ebooks

Writing articles is not the only option.  You could use your writing talents to create ebooks.  Free ebooks are a great way to drive traffic to your sites.  Free is hard to beat.  With free ebooks, you don’t have to worry about jumping through the hoops of the article directories.  You can leverage your writing talent and use your free ebooks to drive traffic to the sources that you want.  Use free sharing sites to help your ebooks get more attention online.

Free blogs

You don’t even have to pay for web hosting.  Use free blogs.  There are some risks with using free blogs.  They might shut your site down if you are promoting too many affiliate links or if they get complaints about your site.  When you are just getting started, a free blog is great way to learn the basics.  You can build up some traffic with your blog and learn and grow.   You can always create a regular blog with paid hosting down the line for more online freedom.  Your free blog might be a simple learning tool and a place that you can get subscribers to your mailing list.

Internet Marketing Tips – Social Media Traffic, Video Traffic and Blogging Traffic

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One of the areas that don’t get much focus is social media traffic. You probably already know a lot of people. Connecting with your friends online is the basis of social media traffic. There are lots of different social media networks where people like to share information. You knew that it would not be long before people and businesses found a way to make money with social media traffic.

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Interacting with your friends and creating information is just a fun way to do things these days. in the past, information was really flowing in one direction. You would get your information from tv or the newspaper without a real way to interact. Technology has really changed this dynamic. Now you can interact through blogs and social media and get instant results.

Blogs can generate blogging traffic that opens the doors to new communication channels. A blogger might submit a story with a certain point of view, but the readers might have a completely different voice. With blogs, they can jump into the conversation. Blogging traffic can act as a sounding board. Your ideas can get challenged in the new form of communicating. Blogs are low cost and they are a good way to share information and bring about discussions. Keeping a blog updated is essential to the plan of generating blogging traffic.

TV was the old way of getting information. It is still popular, but it is really limited. The web again brings more people into the fold. Now, you can be the person on the camera. Don’t miss the big change with video traffic. People like to read, but just think about all the people that would much rather watch a video. Video traffic is not really hard to get. All you need to do is start creating videos and people will watch them.

Turn the World Into Your Office

Online Business Tips – Working From Home, Leveraging Talent, and Affiliate Marketing

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There are still a lot of people that are looking for work. The regular job market is still tough. Why do you think people are not turning to online business? An online business might bring an opportunity that was not available with a regular job. An online business might take off and turn into something that can provide a longer lasting financial impact.

People don’t have to travel to do an online business. The idea of working from home is real. People are writing and performing services while working from home. We are living in a digital age, but the thinking is still trapped in the past. More people should be thinking about working from home using the internet.

The internet brings more players into the market. It is the perfect chance to start leveraging talent no matter where it is. In the past, people might not get a chance to work because of where they lived. Now leveraging talent through the internet is possible. You might need a service completed for your website and there are plenty of people online that have the skills to get it done. This is leveraging talent on the global level.

Even if you don’t want to build a big business, you could still get started in business through affiliate marketing. The real secret is that you have been doing affiliate marketing your whole life, but you were not getting paid for it. Telling your friends about a product that you like is basically affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing model just gives you a chance to earn a commission and really participate in the ultimate sale.

Turn the World Into Your Office

Earning Your Money Online

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The concept is simple and plain. You want to earn your money online. The internet is still at an early stage and you want to make the best of your time to make it work for you.

We are really in times of change. Technology is making everything move at a faster pace. You don’t have to wait as long to get things done. You don’t have to go into each and every store to find what you are looking for. Now, you can use the internet to zero in on where the items that you want are located. How are you planning to use the internet as a business and not just as a consumer?

Services can be performed using the web. Writing, web development and other tasks can be completed online. You don’t have to walk to your car and drive long distances to get to work. Now the trip to work can be from one room in your place to another. Laptops and computers connect us through the web. If you can work online, you don’t have to worry as much about high gas prices and sitting in long lines of car traffic. You can get those commuting hours back and get your work done from home.

The internet also brings more people into the marketplace. Now you are in competition with all the other people from around the globe that have services to offer. You are not limited to your own zip code. You can search for service providers that do good work from different areas.

The internet is also presenting new ways to get paid. Now, you can get money for simple things like answering questions. You don’t have to be really technical, you just need to know how to use a computer. Companies don’t have to blindly create products and services anymore. Now they can poll specific market segments to find what they like and dislike. People can now get paid just for offering their opinions.

The internet now allows you to explore your creative side. The gate keepers are not stopping you from doing what you want. If you are an artist, you can showcase your art around the world just with the click of a button. You can create music and upload it to the web and instantly become a global musician.

Many people are still using the old way of thinking when it comes to business and work. The internet is changing how you can get things done. You are now plugged into a much wider audience from right where you are now.

You could setup your own blogs and websites and provide products and services around the globe. With affiliate marketing, you don’t even need to keep any inventory. You might come up with a great marketing method that brings the right crowds together and you make money when the sales are made.

There are even internet marketing programs that pay you just for creating new leads. Every business lives on new leads and sales. Special internet marketing programs pay commissions for simple pieces of information like zipcodes and email addresses.

People hear about earning money online and they might immediately think about the internet scams that they talk about on tv all the time. The web is serious about business. Take the time to educate yourself about using the internet to earn money and give it a try.

How to setup a blogging plan

The blog is done when it comes to the design. You have picked out the right look and feel and now it is time to consider how to keep your new blog filled with content for the year.

Setup your blogging plan

  1. How many times a week are you going to post content?
  2. Keep asking the questions that your audience will want to learn about
  3. Create a map for your year’s worth of content
  4. Find the evergreen topics that matter in your niche
  5. Start using keyword research to come up with article titles
  6. Make a list of blog topics
  7. Create a category list for your blog
  8. Start lining up content for your blog
  9. Take pictures and buy pictures for your blog posts
  10. Find videos and make videos for your blog
  11. Use PLR Articles for your blog niche
  12. Get guest bloggers for your site
  13. Use article directory articles
  14. Outline Your Articles before writing them
  15. Check current events related to your blog niche
  16. Review products related to your blog topic
  17. Review good videos that you find online
  18. Write articles about the process of blogging
  19. Hire freelance writers to create content
  20. Do interviews for content
  21. Don’t think of your blog as a blog, but as a magazine
  22. Use free time to write short blog posts for your site
  23. Ask your readers about future topics and add them to the article list
  24. Check the internet forums for common questions and answer them with your blog posts
  25. Post your own questions on forums.  Turn your questions into blog posts.
  26. Research answers to questions and create blog posts.
  27. Create blogging goals for your site
  28. Create a minimum number of hours for your blog management
  29. Blog Training – Educate Yourself about the Blogging System that you are using
  30. Watch video tips on your blogging system
  31. Create lists of all the tasks you have for maintaining your blog
  32. Look for places to outsource blog tasks
  33. Are you using a business plan for your blog?
  34. Do you think you will want to sell your blog in the future? Start planning for it early.
  35. Do you have a mailing list?
  36. Should you create a newsletter?  How and where can you get content for it?
  37. Are there hidden golden nuggets sitting in your email account right now? ( Hint )
  38. Did you have problems installing your blog?  ( There might be a blog post there )
  39. Write posts about some of the problems you have experienced with blogging.
  40. Are you having a hard time setting up a blogging plan?  There might be a blog post there.

These are just a few ideas that can help you put a blogging plan together.

Writing – Sharing Your Content

Do you really enjoy writing?  There are lots of different ways that you can use your writing skills online.  Blogging is one income opportunity.

You might just be thinking about writing content for your own blog site, but don’t stop there.  There are a lot of people that launch blogs and want good content.  You can contact blog owners.  You can sell some of your extra blogging content to other site owners or you can start selling your content through other means.

Turn your passion for writing into ebooks.  Do you know anybody with an electronic book reader?  You know those amazon kindle devices are getting really hot.  All you have to do is think about all the people that are turning on those kindles and looking for something to read.  Why not put your own hat into the pool of potential readers.  Create ebooks and sell them through amazon.   You don’t just have to stick with the amazon program, you can create simple ebooks and sell them or give them away for free.

Newsletters and mailing lists are another place that is screaming for content.  Blog owners are not just looking for blogging content for the top of their sites.  A lot of blogs have newsletters and ezines attached.  Those sources need new content all the time also.

Your content can focus on the areas and types of information that you want to provide.  You can do online reviews.  This is one area that can open up the doors for your affiliate marketing efforts.  You are using products already.  Why not start joining affiliate programs and add the potential of another income stream.  It might be as simple as providing a simple text link or an email address to get on the road to earning income with your writing skills.

Take a quick look at all the items that are around you.  What do you see?  Do you see a laptop or desktop computer?  What about a cordless telephone?  Laser printer?  These are all products that people buy.  What do you think about the products that you have purchased?  Would you buy them again or get another brand?  Just answering some of these simple questions provides the foundation for articles that could be placed on a blog.

Don’t sit on your writing skills.  Start dusting them off and putting them to good use.  Your writing does not have to be really fancy or overly complex.  You can do that if you want, but you can just write for your own audience.   Don’t forget to post some articles in article directories.  You never know when they could get picked up by other web developers, ezine owners or readers.

Turn the World Into Your Office