How to put affiliate links from on your site

Choosing to put ads on your site is an easy one. People want to turn their websites and blogs into money makers. The great view of the web is the ease of passive income. You don’t need to have your own products in order to earn money online. You just need to get access to product and service links ( affiliate links ) and place them on your sites and drive traffic.

Commission junction is one of the popular affiliate marketing networks. You can get access to lots of different affiliate marketing programs in one location. After you get approved for a program, you can find product and service links and copy and paste them into your site.

There are two options for getting the links. You can get the javascript version or the html version. All you need to do is copy the code for the offer that you want to display on your site and paste it in your site or blog.

Banner ads and text link ads are just a few of your options. Some of the ads are static and others may be animated. You have to think about how you want to place the ads inside your online blog design or website design.

Once you get the advertising code pasted into your blog, you are ready to start earning income. Drive traffic to your site through blogging, social media other traffic generation methods. Some of the ads make commissions based on sales and others may generate commissions based on leads.

Work From Home Lead

The title might sound a little funny. I came across this keyword while searching for potential keywords to use in a ppc campaign. What is ppc? It just stands for pay per click. These are the kinds of ads that you place to help get traffic to your site.

Paying for clicks really just means that. You are just paying for potential traffic coming to your site. It doesn’t mean that they are going to buy your product. As soon as you send the deposit payment into your account, you start wondering if you are doing the right thing. You are taking a chance when it comes to advertising. It involves a lot of testing.

The work at home niche should be filled with plenty of leads. There are plenty of people that want to take their talents to their own business. Generating leads with ppc is not a guarantee. You are putting your ad skills to work. You have to come up with the title and description for the ad. You have to find the right keywords and think about what the work from home lead with need to take action.

Advertising can be done through lots of different channels. With ppc, you might have to bid to get your ads shown. You might think that you are getting a deal when you are getting 1 cent or 2 cent clicks. The joke might be on you, if you are not able to take those clicks and turn them into conversions. The quality of your traffic does count. There is a lot of mystery when it comes to ppc ads. Where are your ads being shown? The other big issue with ppc is that when you stop placing the ads, your traffic can come to an end.

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Post Free Classified Ads

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Search for free classified online websites. You have probably heard of craigslist. Find a few others that you can post simple ads for your online business. The cost is free and you might generate some web traffic from your efforts.

Pick the Right Category

Free Classified sites have lots of different categories.  You want to post your ad in the right place.  You want to place your ad in the right location to help get the right type of traffic.  People are looking for information in the category and if your headline and topic are off, you can miss the mark.  Check some of the other ads that are in the category to see if you are posting in the right place.

Free Classified Headlines

Your headline is going to be really important.  The problem with free classified ads is that they are free and you have a lot of competition. What is going to cause your prospects to click on your ad versus all the other ads.  You have to create a headline that gets them to stop and click.  Test different headlines to see which ones work the best.

Create A Simple but Powerful Call to Action

Don’t forget to include a call to action.  You could have a great ad, but if you don’t ask for the business or ask your prospects to click the link, they might just hit the back button.  You have to make the offer.  The whole reason for placing a free classified ad is to get the ad viewer to do something.  Don’t drop the ball at the last minute.  Build a strong call to action.  What are the steps that you want them to take?  Give them the instructions and lead them to your desired destination.

Add a picture to your Free Classified Ad

What about adding a picture to your free classified ad?  Create some simple graphics.  You don’t have to be a photoshop expert to create good looking graphics for your business.  There is software available to create powerful graphics for a super low price.  Do you have some pictures that are related to your ad offer?  Take snapshots or screen shots to add an extra element for your online free classified ads.


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Marketing Online and Offline – What are the options for online businesses?

It seems like just about everybody is using wordpress these days. Web development with a blog is the way to go. Sure, some people might still choose to use joomla to create a site, but wordpress just seems to be a little more flexible. You can change the design fast and you can add more functionality with wordpress plugins. Getting a content management system can really change your focus from web development to content creation. A good looking website is now possible for novice regular web users.

Once you get online, you can focus on blogging. Lots of people that setup websites want to earn income with it. Adding advertising code to a blog is simple. Starting with google adsense is probably the first step. Quick setup and little effort to maintain the code makes it a perfect fit for beginners. New website or blog owners should not ignore list building. Growing a list of newsletter subscribers should be a part of any online business venture. Email marketing is a solid strategy and should be taken seriously.

Video is another growing opportunity. All you need to do is visit youtube and see how powerful video is becoming. A simple video can have a chance at going viral and generating a lot of web traffic at little to no cost. Some website owners might want to focus more on search engine optimization, but video might be the better solution. The search engines have been in the habit of changing the rules often. Do you want to keep jumping through the constantly changing hoops associated with seo? Some site owners are starting to take marketing into their own hands and are opting to use offline marketing in the real world. This could be a low cost option for generating traffic for online sites.

There are lots of different ways to market a business online. Try not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Find the methods that deliver the best results for you. Video, email, and content writing are all good options for spreading the word about your online business.


Have you watched any webinars lately? I just got finished watching one a few hours ago. It was centered around internet marketing, but it was focused on real estate professionals. They went through lots of information really quickly, but I must admit that it was well put together.

Do you learn anything from Webinars? They can be really good tools for sharing information. When you watch webinars, you know that there is going to be something for sale at the end of the presentation. Have you ever purchased a product because of a webinar? Even if you don’t buy anything that the webinar is promoting, you are still getting a lot of value. The webinar host is building a relationship.

The focus of the webinar was internet marketing. They showed a lot of different ways that a company could get online. A large number of websites were getting thrown out right and left. The presentation was not rushed though. They just moved from one site to the next at a quick pace.

It just goes to show that there are a lot of moving parts in internet marketing. It also showed that everybody is not at the same level when it comes to understanding internet marketing. Make sure to include the basics and step people through the process. Don’t take it for granted that everybody is up to speed.

Another big concept discussed was outsourcing the work. Outsourcing internet marketing tasks just makes sense for a lot of people in this niche. They want to use internet marketing to get leads and work the leads. They don’t really want to do all the ground work for getting the leads. Article marketing, video marketing, blogging and creating newsletters seems outside of the scope for the group. This is why outsoucing plays such a big role in the internet marketing sector.

The bottom line is that internet marketing is working for some folks. List building and lead generation are topics that will not go away. Watching that webinar also showed me that there are good ways to promote your affiliate products through webinars. The webinar hosts were not selling during the presentation, but you could easily see how with just one step, they might create affiliate sales.
Think about adding webinars to your home business marketing portfolio.

Article Marketing – Using Your Writing Skills by Writing Squidoo Lenses

Writing content to drive traffic to your sites is a constant challenge. Where should you post your content? Posting articles at article directories is one common way of attempting to get traffic. All article sites are not on the same level. You can post content there and not see the results that you are looking for. It might be time to try some of the web 2.0 sites for your article marketing efforts. Squidoo is an online community where you can post your high quality unique content.

Creating a squidoo lens is simple. You don’t need to know much html to get things done. Start by selecting a squidoo lens title. This includes picking a url where your new squidoo page will be located. Squidoo usually places dashes between each word in your title, but I learned that you can change the url. After selecting a url, you will need to assign your lens to a category.

Just like the rest of the web, squidoo keeps the information organized. The next step is picking keywords for your new squidoo lens. You can pull up your favorite keyword tool and get the best keywords available. There are plenty of free keyword tools to choose from like the google keyword tool or traffic travis.

Squidoo lenses are a little bit different from what you might expect at an article directory. Squidoo an online community. There are squidoo points and levels that allow you to get access to more items on the squidoo site.

What exactly is a squidoo lens and how is it different from a regular blog post or article? A squidoo lens is really a group of modules that are placed together to form a page. There are lots of different squidoo modules that you can add, move or change. Squidoo makes it easy to add modules for amazon, ebay and lots of other options.

The squidoo text module is commonly used. If you have lots of text that you want to add to your squidoo page, the text module is going to become your close friend. The text module has a title and description area and a body area where you can write to your hearts desire.

Squidoo is all about the user experience and they encourage the use of photos and videos on squidoo pages. They give you extra points for adding images to your squidoo pages. Squidoo can be used without a lot of knowledge of html, but it could come in handy when it comes to formatting.

You can get more out of your squidoo lens by using some of the other sites related to squidoo. Squidutils is one site that you should checkout. You can copy and paste html code and alter it for your pages. This can cut down on the time to create your squidoo pages.

Are you an affiliate marketer? Squidoo doesn’t look down on people that want to earn a little bit of extra income using the web. They actually encourage it. You can share in the wealth. Squidoo makes it easy to add amazon associates links and ebay links to your pages. You can even post your own affiliate links in your squidoo pages.

Squidoo is a great place to post content online. You can create high quality content and link back to your own websites and blogs. Squidoo pages get views and people place comments and share the content through social media applications. If you are writing original content for the web, you should take a look at using squidoo.

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Getting New Customers – Create Niche Websites

Artisteer - Web Design Generator

There are lots of business owners that want a good looking website that pulls in traffic and customers all day long. That is the power of the internet. A business owner doesn’t need to be tech savvy or understand all the underlying components of building websites. Business owners just want to get the results that they are looking for. The key is getting it done for a really affordable price.

Web development has become a task that is widely available to more people. There are plenty of web templates and software programs that make creating a site easy to do. Now a business doesn’t have to just rely on one website. They can create as many targeted sites as they need.

The web is not one big traffic source and people need to remember that. The web is made up of all kinds of people and that is where targeted niche websites can come into play. You can make sites that are focused around real passions. You can zero in on topic with complete detail. Do some keyword research and see what people are looking for online. Is there enough searching for information on a topic to make it worthwhile to create a specific site? That is the question that you have to ask yourself.

Niche marketing, what is it really? It is not hard to understand at all. It is just getting specific about a topic. You can have general websites and you can have specific targeted websites. Think about real estate websites for example. There are many different types of real estate sites, right? You can have a company website. It would like the name of the company and maybe the real estate listing and agents. This would be a pretty general website. A real estate company might handle different kinds of real estate. There are lots of different real estate niches. Maybe the company focuses on commercial real estate. They could create targeted niche commercial real estate websites that focus only on that topic. Even within commercial real estate there are even more niches. What kind of commercial real estate could come into play? Apartments, Office Buildings and Industrial are all different kinds of commercial real estate. There are lots of real estate investors in each specific area. Websites could be created around each niche.

Now you need to think about your area of business. Could you use niche websites in your business? The thing to remember is that there are lots of different ways to niche a website. Just make sure that the audience is large enough to make a real difference for your business.

Web development tools make it easy for you to develop sites now. Domain names don’t break the bank and you can setup blogs as websites in just about no time flat. Just do your research and get the content that you need for your new niche websites.

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Easy Web Development – Create Good Looking Sites with Joomla

ArtisteerArtisteer - Joomla Theme Generator

Do you have a lot of content creators for your site?  One of the big problems with keeping a site fresh with new content is having multiple authors.  There was a big problem in the past with website administration.  When you have  a lot of users that need to add content to a site, it could cause problems.  People might upload the work and step on other information that was in the process of getting updated.  It could turn into a complete mess.  Thank goodness that web development has advanced and now there are solutions. Web development content management systems like Joomla have come to the rescue.

Create quick and dirty websites with Joomla

You don’t have to worry about hiring a ton of programmers to give you the solutions that you need for web development.  There are lots of different kinds of websites.  A company might need a site for all of the employees or a business might want to create  a magazine.  Joomla can make certain types of websites a breeze to create.  Just install the joomla software and you can get started adding your information.  Joomla can be the quick and easy way to make websites.

Focus on the Content

Some websites and blogs are going to be content heavy.  Joomla keeps everything in order and simple to manage.  You can think of it as your online digital file cabinet.  You can assign users and permissions that allow your people to update only the information that they need access to.  When you think joomla, you think about keeping it all in order.

Get joomla web hosting

Joomla is a powerful content management system.  You need to put joomla on a web hosting system that can handle it.  You do not want to install joomla on a wimpy web hosting account.  You want to get a quality web hosting account that can handle joomla and all that it has to offer.  Hostgator is a top web hosting provider ( promo code getwebhosting ).  You can search for joomla web hosting to find web host that are joomla friendly.

Changing Joomla Templates

Web development has become easy.  What happens when you want to change the way your site looks?  Are you going to need to hire a bunch of web designers and expect to wait a month for all your changes to get completed?  NO!  Joomla uses templates.  You can search the internet for free and premium joomla templates that can change your site with a few short steps.  You can tell those expensive web designers to go and kick bricks!  Joomla put the business owner back in control.

Adding Google Adsense

What about making money with your new joomla site?  You might be selling your own products and services with your site.  Do you think you might want to start using google adsense for additional income?  There are joomla plugins that can make adding google adsense and other advertising options easy.  Just download and install the code and follow the directions for placing your ads.

You can create good looking sites using Joomla. It is simple and easy.  Learn more about using joomla for web development.


Home Business Dreams – Starting a Home Based Business

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Are you dreaming of starting your own home business?  What can you do from your home to make money?  All the tools are available.  Use the internet.  Create your own online sites and start using your creative talents online.

Writing content online is not going away any time soon.  You are not alone when it comes to starting your own home business.  Many of these new homes businesses are going to want their own website and blog.  These new business owners will find that they are going to be in need of content for their new sites.

Provide online content for a good price.  Writing can be fun and you can follow your passions.  The web is filled with all kinds of niche websites and blogs.   If the websites or blogs don’t exist around your chosen topic, you can always launch a site for yourself.

Writing content for blogs doesn’t have to be complex or hard.  You can write like you are talking to your friends online.  This form of writing can make it easier for you to create the amounts of content that you need.  Writing for regular people that read information on your blogs is really a good idea.  You might find that there are other people that are interested just like you.

Blogging and writing is popular for a number of reasons.  Writing can be a flexible task that you can do from home or just about any place that has an internet connection.  You could even create your content using pencil and paper if you wanted to.  You could transfer your information to the web when ever you get a chance to.

There are many different forms of writing online.  You could write content and post it to blogs. You could also write content and save it as pdf documents or in ebook formats.  The web is wide open for writing opportunities.  Many people might be thinking about short term income when it comes to writing, but there are long term income opportunities with writing.

Writing provides a chance to earn money for years into the future with the same content.  You could create sites and add contextual ad and affiliate ad program links.  So even if your sites are not successful this year, they might become an online favorite in the future and generate income for your online business.

There are many home based business opportunities.  Adding a writing service or just writing for your own sites is something that a home business owner should consider.   There are many different advertising programs that you could align with your home business.  Think about promoting clickbank products, amazon products or even using kontera or google adsense to add income to your home business.

Internet Jobs – Working for Yourself

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The internet gives you a chance to work for yourself. You can sit down at your home computer and start to use your creative skills to earn income online.

Setting up websites for long term income is one way to use the web. People are constantly searching for new information online. Think about a site like google. They make their money by providing traffic to websites online and directing internet traffic.

The internet is wide open with opportunities. You don’t have to be an expert to use the web to your benefit. You can create blogs that are simple and easy to manage. If you have lots of ideas, you can use the web to spread them in many different forms. You could post information on blogs, websites and ebooks.

Selling information online is a common practice. Your information products could be promoted using large ecommerce websites like amazon or by setting up your own affiliate marketing programs. This means that you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting for making internet sales. You split the sales with the people that drive the sales of your information products.

Affiliate marketing is a business model. What if you don’t have your own products to sell online? You could take the other side of the coin and become an affiliate marketer. Take your creative skills to create content that attracts attention and gets prospects to pull out their credit cards and hit the buy button.

The internet is marketing on a global scale. Your content can reach around the globe grabbing the attention of your target audience. If you have a passion for writing, there are lots of places online where you can display your talents. You could create your own websites or blogs or write content for other blog owners. Content is always in demand online.

Learn how to market your services on the web. Use social media applications to let the internet know that you are a new player in the internet business world. You can follow your passions online and create content related to them. You might be a big nfl fan and you can use the web to express your thoughts and earn income at the same time. Think about setting up your own football blogs where you give your views on what is happening week to week with your favorite teams and players.

Internet jobs require you to take a different view of earning income. With a regular job, you can sit back and get paid on a regular basis. When you are working for yourself, you have to make things happen. You become the rainmaker. If you are ready to start your own internet job and the quest for unlimited income, let me be the first to say full steam ahead. You never know what your internet business will turn into. What if you have ideas that the web has just been waiting for. Test your ideas and use the web for short term and long term income.

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